Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dear One,
Entrapment is one of the strategies of the enemy.
To trap someone you must know their weaknesses.
My children reveal their weaknesses by speaking them, either fear, jealousy, insecurity, anger, anxiety, indecision, ambivalence, rebellion, strife, depression, judgmental attitudes and others. Then the enemy knows the spirits with which to entice you. As a result, you can be trapped into acting against your Godly spiritual nature. That is why I said you are snared by your mouth, because you reveal your weaknesses through your conversation.
You must speak faith-filled, positive words so that the enemy hears your determination. Your truth-filled conversation repels him because he can't find a weak area in which to trap you.
Never reveal to him your weakness because if you do you are supplying him weapons with which to attack you. When you provide him the devices or the conditions with which to attack you, then you have unwittingly given him your own arsenal and he will use it against you.
When you use My words and My promises against him, then he has to flee because he can't find any weakness in that profession of your faith. He know he can't find anything to use against you because you have stated that you believe what I say about the matter.
Love, God
I Timothy 3:7-9; II Timothy 2:25 &26; Matthew 12:27

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