Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear One,
Releasing someone you love is the greatest gift you can give to the person.
It is human nature to cling. It is Godly nature to release.
People cling because of insecurity and fear of change.
Godly people release others because of security in Me, security within themselves, and knowing that the change will be for the best.
When one clings to another person or to an ideology or to a thing or place, then he becomes stagnant in that area and ceases to grow.
When you free another person or seek freedom from a thing or a place or an ideology, then you release yourself and the other people involved in the situation to also grow.
Growth is change and change can be growth if you have a positive feeling about the change.
When you release others from condemnation, from your fear of repercussions of their actions, from your emotional clinging in order to protect them, then you release yourself also, allowing yourself time to seek Me and My revelation which will mature you and prosper you in spiritual things, which will then positively affect earthly things.
When you release someone and let him go, you release yourself also from their personal bindings on you.
I want you free. You must also determine to be free.
Love, God
John 8:32; John 9:36; Romans 8:2
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