Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear One,
Giving to get something in return comes from selfish motives. It is self centered.
Giving expecting nothing in return for your giving is heaven centered.
Your inheritance is your inheritance, whether you give or not.
Giving because you see a need and want to meet that need is the same motivation from which I give. I never give to get anything in return.
There is a spiritual principle already in effect which is based on the principle that giving in a Godly spirit opens you up to receive. Giving from a pure heart creates a spiritual atmosphere which promotes prosperity in your life.
Attitude and motivation are very important in giving. They are either attitudes of selfishness, giving to get, or they are attitudes of generosity, giving to meet a need.
Giving from a pure heart opens the door for more things to come to you and then you will continue giving when you see a need.
Love, God
Luke 6:38

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