Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear One,

To be ruled by time limits or time consciousness is to be ruled by earthly elements and is opposed to the heavenly dimensions in which there are no time constraints. There is no time measurement in the heavens.
Time consciousness is akin to a spirit of perfectionism and is restrictive to your entire physical and mental well being.
When you are time conscious you limit Me and My ability because I am not ruled, not governed by time.
Eternity is time-less, and eternal life is time-less.
Impatience is caused by time consciousness. Impatience is essentially self consciousness because you want things done in your time constraints so that you won't have to suffer any longer in a difficult situation.
Patience is a fruit of the Spirit because in the spirit dimension there is no time. There are just sure, concrete, guaranteed blessings.
Patience sees the end results, the complete answers to prayers. So to My patient children the result is already a reality.
You cannot be completely free when you are dominated by time. Freedom from time constraints are freedom from time orientations.
Become free from time consciousness and you will find no restraints that are limited to yourself and your time expectations. In relation to answers to your prayers, then you will give Me time to complete all of the work necessary, allowing Me to give complete attention to every minute detail so that perfection is achieved.
Impatience often causes you to withdraw your faith and your expectations away from the prayers and it substitutes unbelief and fear. Impatience is a robber.
I said by faith and patience you will inherit the promises. Don't let impatience suck faith out of you and infuse fear into you.
I said that I am able to do super abundantly more than you can ask, think or imagine according to the power that is in you. Let the power in you be faith and patience. Faith knows that I can do everything and patience gives me time to do everything.

Love, God
Ephesians 3:20; Hebrews 6:12; James 1:3 & 4; Titus 2:2

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