Sunday, June 13, 2010


Dear One,
Be determined to protect your blessings from your enemy who would love to misappropriate them. He knows the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental blessings that are already yours. He is determined to rob you of what is rightfully yours so that he not only defeats you, but he defeats Me, also.
When the devil destroys something that belongs to My children, then he knows it affects Me also, and that is what makes him so determined to rob you.
You must also be as determined to protect your blessings as he is determined to rob you of them.
The devil desired to be My child to whom My inheritance was bequeathed, but he fell from My grace because he was only a servant, not a master. He desires to become a master by robbing you with his acts of misappropriation, but his desires are fruitless as long as you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit and always be determined that you will have your inheritance. You can't lose unless you willingly relinquish your blessings by walking in the emotions of the flesh of strife, depression, anger, dishonesty, disgust, judgment of others, negativity, hopelessness and all other demonic promptings
When you are led by Me and when you cooperate with Me in prayers, you can't lose because I am on your side, My angelic hosts are on your side, the cloud of witnesses are on your side, and all of heaven is on your side.
You have already won unless you give your victorious crown of laurels to your enemy.
Love, God
Deuteronomy 28: 1-14

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