Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child
   Yes, when the words of your mouth are never negative but instead are always positive and acceptable, then the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart are pleasing to Me.  (Psalm19:14)  Why are positive thoughts and words  pleasing to Me?  Because when they are positive I know that your faith and trust is in Me instead of having faith and trust in the works of the devil, who is the father of negativity, and because you have faith in Me, you will reap the blessings of My family that come from My kingdom.  
   When you glorify My works of goodness in the earth by speaking positive words and thinking positive thoughts which develop positive attitudes in you, then the Holy Spirit is able to instruct My angels to distribute My blessings to you. 
   When you glorify the destructive works from hell by speaking negatively about anyone, or speaking negatively about your situations in life, then the devil is able to instruct his demons to distribute curses in your life and in the life of the person about whom you speak.  Because you have judged someone of something, judgment boomerangs back into your life many times.  I told you that when you judge others that the devil will judge you in return.  The devil is poised and ready to catch you in meditating on any of his negative thoughts and words so that he can judge you with the same judgment with which you are judging others. 
   I am poised and ready, hoping  to view you meditating on positive thoughts, displaying loving attitudes and speaking positive words.  When you do, then the windows and doors of heaven open to flood you with My blessings.  
   Listen to this and heed it well:   Negative thoughts in your mind and negative words from your mouth are seeds sown into the evil garden of curses and you will be cursed in return when you think on negative images, display negative attitudes and speak negative words about anyone or anything. (Matthew 7:1-4) Thoughts are important because when you think negative thoughts you have accepted seeds from hell into your mind which carry destructive curses.
   I have told My children many times through the old covenant prophets, Jesus Christ and the new covenant prophets that you have a choice between good and evil, blessings and curses. (Luke 6:45; I Peter 3:10-11)  
   I spoke about the root of bitterness which the devil places in your thoughts in which he tempts you to judge someone, condemn someone and then speak words which judge the person, causing you, yourself, to assist the devil in cursing the person which will curse you in return because you have judged. (Romans 12;21)  That is why I taught you to bless instead of curse others, to love instead of hate, because whatever spiritual power is in your attitudes will be projected into either heaven or hell, cuing the spiritual residents there to flood your life with either goodness or destruction, depending upon what thoughts, attitudes and words were meditated upon and spoken, whether they were evil or good.(Mark 7:14-23)
   In speaking of this key to My kingdom I said that the word is nigh you, in your mouth and in your heart, the word of faith which is spoken by the righteous. (Romans 10:8)  Make every thought, attitude and word from your mouth come from My righteousness and you will have My kingdom benefits while in the earth, which is heaven on earth.
   I am your Good Father, the creator of all good and marvelous things. You are My child.  Think, speak and act as My good, loving child and all the benefits of My kingdom are yours.
   Your Father of An Infinite Number of Blessings

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