Friday, June 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   To My children who expect a miracle, a miracle will be performed.  To My children who doubt that I can do miraculous things, miracles are impossible. Jesus said that to those who have, more will be given; but to those who have not, even what they have will be taken away. (Matthew 13:12)
   I do not take anything away from My children.  The robber is the devil.  The devil is the one who has blinded the spiritual eyes, deafened the spiritual ears and placed a veil over the minds of My children so that they cannot perceive and understand the secrets to inheriting My kingdom while in the earth.  (Matthew 13:14-15)   Some of My children who have personally sought My kingdom and My righteousness have discovered the secrets of My kingdom and have faith in order to inherit their blessings. (Matthew 13:16-17) They have heard the testimonies of others who have diligently sought Me and have found the secrets that were hidden from them by the devil.  They have persisted until the veil is gone and they hear My voice and then they can believe My words. 
    Jesus told his followers the parable of the sower, saying that the seeds sown are My words relating to My kingdom becoming real in the lives of people.  To those who hear My words and do not understand them because of the veil put on their minds by the devil, the devil comes and snatches away the seeds that were sown relating to My good news.  Those are the people to whom Jesus referred when He said to those who have not, that what they have will be taken away because they are cursed in so many ways.  Jesus said that there are people who hear the words of My kingdom and receive them with joy, yet My words are not rooted in their hearts.  So, when tribulation and persecutions come, they immediately fall away from the truth about inheriting My kingdom blessings.  There are some people who hear My words, but the demons (thorns) in their minds which bring worry, fear and dread about the cares of the world or other demons who further the deceitfulness of riches will choke out the important words relating to having My kingdom in their lives while in the earth.   Those people are unfruitful and what they have will also be taken away by the devil.  But there are people who hear the words of My kingdom, understand it, bear fruit, and the yield of My kingdom benefits in their lives are sometimes 100 times what they can believe, sometimes 60 times what they can believe and sometimes 30 times what they can believe. (Matthew 13:18-23)  Those are the people who have diligently sought Me, have received a revelation of My kingdom coming to earth in their lives as it is in heaven, and they are able to fully believe.  The results is that more and more is given to them because they expect the blessings and believe that I reward those people who diligently seek Me.  (Hebrews 11:6)
   The unbelievers, the ones with cares and deceitfulness of riches in their minds,and the ones with demonic thorns of anger, strife, discord and other demons in their minds, all of those people who have nothing relating to My kingdom living and have no hope of receiving anything from Me, they need to hear the testimonies of what I have done for My children who believe.  (Romans 10:14-17)  How can they believe if they do not hear testimonies about My miraculous works in your life and the lives of other believers?  (John 12: 38)
   Be on the alert for opportunities by the prompting of My Holy Spirit to recognize openings in the minds of people for you to share your testimonies about the miracles that you have experienced so that others who "have nothing" relating to My kingdom living will begin to believe for My miracles in their lives by enabling them to believe in Me and My blessings with the hope of more blessings. They need to hear current, living testimonies so they can believe.
    Become a light on the hill, as Jesus said, to the unbelievers who need My love and My kingdom in their lives.   Your love, you belief and your testimonies will increase their faith, causing them to begin to believe. 
    Your Father of a Multitude of Miracles

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