Friday, June 23, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
   As described in your Instruction Book, the Bible, there are two kingdoms at work in the earth, the kingdom of satan and My kingdom, called the knowledge of good and evil in the Book.  The free will that I gave to My children in the beginning was a gift, letting them have the advantage of choosing whom they will follow, whether My voice of good or the devil's voice of evil.  Rather than have puppets or slaves as children, I wanted children made in My image with My intelligence, My will and My wisdom which would equip them to govern and care for their earth that I created for them in the same manner that I govern and care for My heaven.  I took the chance on their making wrong choices.  So because of My love for them I made many provisions in My will for effective ways to rescue or save them from the consequences of their wrong choices.  Still, they have obeyed the evil voice rather than My good voice.  
  As the history books in the Instruction Book report, the first man Adam made the wrong choice, even after being warned by Me not to listen to that evil voice of death, and he chose to obey the voice of an alien spirit, the devil, after being tempted by the devil in his thoughts.  In doing that, the first man allowed the devil to invade the earth, the beautiful paradise that I created for him, and the devil brought his ravaging demons to curse My children and the earth with their destructive curses.  From that day until this day, there have been two kingdoms at war in the earth and in the heavenly dimensions around the earth vying for the lives of My children. 
  The history book section of My Instruction Book tells the multiple efforts that I have made to rescue or save My children from the consequences of their wrong choices, which come from obeying the temptations of the devil who speaks his will into their minds.  I identified the works of the devil by giving them religious laws, but My children used those laws to judge others or to judge themselves as being evil.  They were not meant for that. (Romans 5:13) They were meant to identify the temptations as the work of the devil so that My children could avoid obeying him and suffering the consequences of those sins.  (Romans 7:7) 
   None of My children could follow all of the laws in order to become righteous, so I sent My Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world, which He did, paying the price for the sins of the whole world. (I John 12:2)  Jesus and I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to be received by people and become born of My Spirit.  (John 3:5)  After being born of My Spirit they become righteous in My eyes because I see their spirits where My Spirit lives instead of seeing their flesh where they yield to the temptations of the devil.  They have the power to refuse the devil.        
  Many of My children today mimic Adam's deception and disobedience as if they were the first man.  They listen to thoughts, temptations and lies placed in their minds by the devil and they believe them as if they were their own thoughts.  They forget that there are consequences for doing the will of the devil in their lives.  My Holy Spirit is warning them the entire time that they are siding with the devil and will have to suffer his consequences for obeying him.  Unfortunately My children are often blinded to the devil's works and the deception of his temptations. 
    My children who become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit have My supernatural ability to refuse the temptations in their thoughts placed there by the devil to deceive My children into doing his will in their lives.  When My Spirit's voice is louder than the voice of the deceiver, then My children are able to refuse to obey the tempting thoughts.  Instead of doing the will of evil, My true children follow My guidance because I am their Father. 
   I gave to My children the way to enhance their faith so that they can more efficiently obey My voice and that is by praying in the Holy Spirit.  I said that the way to build up your faith is by praying in the Holy Spirit.  (Jude 20)  It is like charging your weak batteries.  Praying in the Holy Spirit not only accomplishes much in the spiritual dimension but it builds up your faith so that you more easily identify My voice in your thoughts. 
   Because I am Love, I provided the way for you to restore your earth to its former excellence and that is by being led by My Holy Spirit and praying in My Holy Spirit.  (Romans 8:22-29; Romans 8:14)  My words created your world and My words restore your world to what I intended it to be at the beginning before evil was allowed to enter.
   Choices do matter and I hope that you will choose what My voice admonishes you to do, which is to do My will, which is to love others as I love you.  In doing My will you are allowing Me to bring My kingdom into your life in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:20)  Through the power of My Holy Spirit you have the wisdom to make the right choices.
   Your Father of Saving Grace


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