Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We have established the importance of the spiritual truth of the teachings of Jesus Christ that forgiving others is a primary and important commandment in My kingdom of love.  In the example of how to pray, Jesus taught His followers to ask Me to forgive their sins as they forgive the sins of others.  The importance of forgiving the offenses of others against you is shown in that example of prayer.  He taught that example in relation to My kingdom coming into your life as you do My will in the earth.  Doing My will in the earth by the power of My Holy Spirit allows My kingdom to become real in your life because of good works being distributed in the earth instead of evil works. (Matthew 6:9-12)  He went on to explain the prayer when He said that if you do not forgive the trespasses of others that I cannot forgive your trespasses. (Matthew 6:14-15)
  Later in his same teaching to His followers He explained more about forgiveness when He taught that if you judge someone you will be judged by the same standard. (Matthew 7:1-5) That continued His teaching about forgiveness because when you refuse to forgive someone you are constantly judging the person for something he or she did or didn't do.  I do not judge you for anything but the prince of your world, the devil, judges you constantly by tempting you to either judge someone or tempting you to hold grudges and refuse to forgive.  You bind yourself to the devil's works of destruction in the earth when you refuse to forgive anyone because you have bound yourself to that person.  I said to what you bind yourself on earth you are also bound to the spirits motivating the person in the heavens.  So if you refuse to forgive someone, you are judging the person as evil and you will be judged because you have done the same thing on occasion. 
   When you forgive a person, you release the person and the incident from your mind and you are loosed from the evil in the situation because you are no longer bound with vengeance to the person or the situation in your mind.   Because you have released the person from your judgment, you no longer are judged by the devil by inheriting his destructive work in your life. 
   Later Jesus explained it as binding and loosing, saying to whatever or whomever you are bound in the earth, you are also bound to either My good spirits or the devil's evil spirits motivating the person or the event in the heavens, either heaven or hell.  (Matthew 18:18-20)  To whichever kingdom you are bound, you will reap the fruit of that kingdom, either the blessings of My kingdom of love or the curses of the kingdom of destruction and death.
   When you refuse to forgive a person, you bind yourself to the evil that was done to you.  You judge the person and thus are also judged by the same degree of judgment that you judged the person.  When you forgive a person, you are loosed from the demonic spirits of judgment which trapped you into judging another person.  You are free to enjoy My blessings because you are bound to My kingdom of love and are no longer bound to the kingdom of destruction and death.
    One way to solidify your forgiveness for someone is to do good to the person  who did evil to you.  Your flesh does not want to do it because the devil makes you think you are right in the situation.  Actually, no one is right or wrong because all have fallen short of My glory and righteousness.  It is the people who return good for evil done to them that are doing what I commanded.  For your benefit, I commanded returning good for evil because when you do something good to an evil doer, you are furthering My love in the earth and the hold of the devil on you is broken.  You have brought My kingdom into the earth by doing My will, as I commanded you.  (Matthew 6;10)  Because you have shown love to the person who has done evil to you, the person is tenderized to Me by your good act toward him or her and My kingdom of love is established in the life of the person also, as well as yours.   Your light has shown in the earth so I am glorified and My love is magnified in the earth.  (Matthew 5: 16)
   Realize this truth: forgiving a person, praying for the person and doing good to that person turns curses into blessings in your life and in the life of the person who did evil to you because you have done My will of sowing My Love seeds, so evil has to leave the situation, leave your life and the life of the person who did evil to you.  Love and forgiveness are so powerful that the devil does not want you to take My advice and forgive anyone so he even fights you when you decide to do something good to a person who offends you or opposes you.  When you forgive and do good to a person who has done evil to you, then My will is done in your life and My kingdom blessings pour into your life.  But if you continue in judging the person who has done evil to you, then you will be judged by the devil and his judgment brings destruction and death.
   My teachings are all given to alert you to the two kingdoms at work in the earth, My kingdom of good and the devil's kingdom of evil, often called the knowledge of good and evil.  When you are motivated and act in furtherance of the devil's kingdom of evil and are unforgiving and judgmental, then you reap destruction and death.  When you are motivated and act in furtherance of My kingdom of love, then you reap love, peace, joy and the abundant life that I promised.
   It is never a situation of who is right and who is wrong in a situation.  It's a matter of who does the righteous thing after evil is done to him or her.  Those who do what I commanded, which is to forgive and do good to someone who offends you, that person will inherit righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit because he or she has chosen good over evil.  My children who always choose good over evil will inherit My rewards while in the earth because they have sown love seeds in the heavens.
   Please heed My teachings through My Son Jesus and My new covenant prophets who expounded on his teachings.  (Romans 12:9-21)  It is through their insight into the forces of good and evil that are at work in your world that they are able to admonish you on how to succeed in life.  I have taught them the effective ways to bring My blessings from My kingdom of good into your life on earth.  They have taught you and you must take their teachings to heart in order for you to have peace and love on earth as it is in heaven, which is My desire for you.
   Your Father of Blessings Through Love              

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