Sunday, June 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I said in the Bible, My Instruction Book to you, that I am the same yesterday, today and forever, that I have never changed. (Hebrews 13:8) Only My children's perception of Me has changed from the old covenant of religious laws to the new covenant of love.  For instance, under the old covenant of laws My children assigned to Me the character trait of the devil of being judgmentally condemning.  Under My new covenant of love, I revealed that trait of judging and condemning people as being the devil's trait instead of My trait.  I revealed that I never take into account a wrong that any human does.  (I Corinthians 13: 4-7) I revealed that I want to always cast out a demon who causes a person to be judgmental and condemning, as tempted by the devil to be.  I revealed Myself as Love, being forgiving of people instead of judgmental and I asked My children to also be forgiving of the misdeeds of others just like I am forgiving of their misdeeds. (Matthew 6:13-15)
   I judged the devil by I casting him out of My heaven, and I judge the demons who cause My children to break religious and civil laws.  The guilty parties of all sins are the demons, not My children who are only used as pawns of the devil.  By the power of My Holy Spirit, I chase out any judgmentally condemning demons from My children when I come to live in their lives.
   When you realize that all sins, transgressions, iniquities and misdeeds are committed in response to the devil's temptations, then you will put the blame on the real guilty party, the devil.  My children are free of blame in My eyes because Jesus Christ died for all of the imperfections in behavior for all of the people who ever lived and will ever live.  When Jesus cast a demon out of a person He told the person to go and sin no more, even the most vile lunatic called Legion because of His many demons.  When Jesus said to "sin no more", He was saying not to let the demons back into their lives which caused them to sin.  Jesus never condemned Legion or judged him. (John 5:14)  He judged the demons by casting them ouf of their resting place in the man. 
   The ministry of My Holy Spirit in the earth today is to do the same works that Jesus did when He walked the earth.  It is to free My children from the devil's evil works in their lives and to restore the glorious inheritance to My children which I set aside for them from the foundation of the world, which is success and prosperity of body, soul and spirit.  (Luke 11:13; Luke 11:20)  
    I am the same Father and Holy Spirit today in your world as I was in Jesus when he performed His ministry in the earth.  I want to restore My kingdom in your life as it is in heaven, just like it was at the beginning before the devil was allowed by the first man to enter the earth and curse it along with all humans.   To My children who do not meditate upon, obey, and further the devil's works in the earth, My kingdom can come into their lives because there are no demonic spirits in them opposing My goodness. (Matthew 5:16)  Their works of love, peace and mercy glorify Me in the earth.   When their love glorifies Me in the earth, My name is magnified and My true nature of Love is known.
    There are no records of any disobedience of any of My children in My heaven.  There are only records in the minds of humans who hold grudges and refuse to forgive, as led by the devil because he keeps records of them so that he can condemn My children.   I forgive My children and only hold vengeful thoughts against the devil, himself, because of what he had done to My children in bringing destruction and death into the lives of My children.
   I am the same as I always was, forgiving, nonjudgmental to My children, loving, kind, good, peaceful, joyful when right prevails, merciful and I have enduring patience with My children.  I know the source of any evil that they do and it is at the behest of the devil whom I threw out of My heaven for his evil ways.
   I am the Savior of the world.  I save every person who comes to Me for My love and mercy.  I save you from all the works of the devil and I continually save you from his works in the earth when you are yoked to Me through being born of My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 11:29-30)
   Your Loving, Peaceful Father     

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