Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I said through Moses that righteousness is based on faith.  The righteousness based on faith doesn't say, "Who is going to ascend into heaven to bring Christ down to save us, or who is going to descend into the abyss to bring Christ up from the dead to save us?" (Romans 10:5-11) It's already been done.  Jesus Christ already came into the world to destroy the works of the devil, was crucified and rose from the dead to make it possible for all people to be saved from evil.  It is through the power of the Holy Spirit in you that the destruction of the works of the devil comes into being so that the mighty works that Jesus proclaimed will be done through you will become reality. 
   I said that the word of faith is in your mind and in your lips, the word of faith that Jesus preached and the prophets proclaimed.   I said, "Whoever believes in Him will never be put to shame." 
   My Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are One.  My children must believe in the power of My Spirit just as much as they believe in the works of Jesus.  They are the same.  We are One.  Jesus could not begin His own earthly ministry until He was baptized by My Holy Spirit when He was baptized by John. (Matthew 3:16-17)  It is My Holy Spirit who continues to do the works of Jesus in your life and in the world today.  Jesus was dependent upon the Holy Spirit and you need to be devoted to Him if you want to defeat evil in the life and have My kingdom benefits.
   The physical, bodily part of Jesus retired from His work when He sat down with Me on high.  The powerful part of Jesus, My Holy Spirit, was sent into the world by Jesus to live in My children and do more mighty works than Jesus did, as taught by Him.   The physical, bodily part of Jesus could do no miracles and healings without the power of My Spirit in Him and with Him.  The same is true for you.  It is only through the power of My Holy Spirit that you can do the mighty works that Jesus proclaimed would be done when He came to live with Me and sent My power into My children.  My Holy Spirit is the same power that came upon Mary and impregnated her, the same Holy Spirit who empowered Jesus to heal the sick and cast out demons, the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead and the same power whose ministry is to continue the ministry of Jesus in the world.  The Holy Spirit can do more powerful works now in the earth because He lives in you and My other children, not merely being alongside you, like He was with Jesus' disciples.  
   My children need to stop being so flesh minded, waiting for Jesus to come back and save them from evil.  He already did it.  He sent the same power into you that defeated evil through Him.  My Holy Spirit is the same power that created the earth at the beginning.  So the word of faith of which I spoke are the words of My Holy Spirit who speaks through you in My spiritual languages in intercessory prayer which moves spiritual mountains so that My goodness prevails in the earth. (Romans 8:26-28) 
   The devil has blinded My children to My power which lives in them in the person of the Holy Spirit.  You need to know that My Spirit is One with Me.  Just as you are spirit, soul and body and are made in My image, I am Spirit, (the Holy Spirit) Soul, (Your Father)  and Body, (in the person of Jesus).   We are One, a Trinity, just as you are a trinity, spirit, soul and body.  Yet, even though you are three parts, you are one person just as I am One person, Holy Spirit, Father and Jesus.
   I wrote to you not to wonder or say, "Who is going to bring Christ down from heaven or who is going to bring Him up from the abyss," to do His mighty works in the earth again.  I said that the words of faith are in your mind and on your lips.  My Holy Spirit speaks My words into your mind to teach you about My power available through Him, and He teaches you about His abilities and power that are in your life if you are born of My Spirit.  He also speaks words through your mouth in My spiritual languages in intercessory prayers to defeat evil in the spiritual dimension if you are baptized in My Holy Spirit, through which you are equipped not only with My power and authority, but also with a myriad of angels who do My mighty works in the world through the direction of My Spirit. (Acts 1:8; Acts 2:1-4; Hebrews 1:6-7; Hebrews 1:13-14; Ezekiel 1:13-14 and 20)
   I have given to you My very own Holy Spirit to live in you through whom I do My mighty works in the earth.  (John 14:12) Also I have given to you an army of angels to accompany the Holy Spirit and perform My works in the spiritual dimension which facilitate positive changes in your world, according to My dictates through My Spirit.  You have everything necessary for the abundant life and righteousness.  (II Peter 1:3-4)
   Jesus gave the example of the perfect prayer.  In it He said to pray that My kingdom would come in the earth as My will is done in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)  My admonitions to My children are to pray in the Holy Spirit and to be led by My Holy Spirit.  Those are My will for you.  When you accept My guidance through My Holy Spirit's tutoring, all things will work together for your good.  (Romans 8)
   You have the power and authority to bring My kingdom into the earth in your life, as commanded by My Holy Spirit's loving guidance.  You have My Instruction Book with the teachings of Jesus and My prophets to confirm the Holy Spirit's teachings.  You have My Holy Spirit's power to change your earth and redeem your earth from bondage to the devil. (Romans 8:22-23)  I gave you the power. 
   You have the commandment to overcome evil with good in relation to your actions and reactions to humans, thus doing My will in the earth.  Plus you have the power to defeat the works of the devil in your life by praying in the Spirit and walking in the guidance of My Holy Spirit.  Peter said that I have given you everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  Heed the words of My Spirit and My kingdom will come in your life as it is in heaven.  (Hebrews 3:7-16)
   Heaven on earth can be yours.  Heed My words to you, pray in the Spirit and be guided by My Spirit.  I have certainly given you everything necessary for the abundant life and My godliness.  I said it is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom.
   Your Father of Perfect Assistance

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