Friday, June 23, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You must never forget the fact that at the beginning of the world I gave the earth to people to govern, to have dominion over and to take care of as their own world, along with My guidance.  That was the beginning of free choice.  (Genesis 1:26-32)  My children choose their own destiny, sometimes ignorantly and sometimes with purpose. 
   My first two children, Adam and Eve, chose curses instead of My blessings when they chose to obey the devil's words instead of My words.  They opened themselves up for having hell on earth by ignorantly choosing the devil's curses through his deception of their minds instead of choosing My kingdom of heaven in their lives through taking My advice, which would have allowed Me to flood them with My multiple blessings. (Genesis 3:14-20)  As a result of Adam's choice, the earth was flooded with demons from hell who tempt My children to do the will of the devil in the earth, which brings curses into their lives, instead of doing My will in the earth, which brings blessings into their lives.
   My efforts through the history of men was to send My instructions to people in an effort to rescue them from choosing to do evil in their world, which brings curses their lives, instead of choosing to do good in their world, which brings heaven on earth to them.  I sent prophets to them to speak for Me because the devil had put a covering over their minds which blocked them from hearing My advice.  I sent religious laws which identified for them the devil's ways so that they would reject the evil thoughts in their minds which enticed them to do his evil will.  I sent judges to decide between good and evil in your courts.  All the time I was sending prophets to speak for Me and alert My children to the temptations of the devil in their thoughts. 
   Finally I sent My own son Jesus into the world to speak for Me, to identify the devil, to alert you to his temptations and his deeds in the earth.  Yet, many of My religious children refused to listen to Jesus.  Instead they continued to listen to the religious leaders who constantly added burdens to their lives with guilt and condemnation instead of listening to Jesus who took the burdens off of them, healed them, cast out the demons from their bodies, encouraged the brokenhearted and let the prisoners go free.  A core group of disciples of Jesus believed My teachings through Him because they saw My miracles done through Jesus and recognized that He was My Son. 
  I made Jesus the payment for the sins of everyone in the world who had lived formerly, the ones who were living at the time, and those people who were to live afterwards.  That feat was accomplished by His dying on the cross to receive the punishment of the devil for the sins of everyone.  He died for the sins of the whole world which come from My children obeying the devil and his demons instead of believing Me and My words of warning about the evil that is in the world. 
   Jesus went to hell for everyone who ever lived, paid the full price of death, and then He rose from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit.  From there forward in time, My children are all pure in My eyes because of the payment of Jesus. 
   However, just because they are pure in My eyes does not mean that they are pure in the earth because many still listen to the voices of evil in their thoughts and still obey the devil in their actions.  As a result, your life in the earth continues to be cursed in many ways, even though I told you that if they will listen to My words and obey them that you will have My kingdom of love evident in your earthly life instead of having the devil's curses that destroy you.  You must choose constantly between good and evil, blessings and curses, and you must do My works of good in the earth to qualify you for your inheritance, which are My full kingdom benefits.  You must always return good for evil done to you, bless those who oppress and persecute you, always choosing to do My will in your life which brings My blessings into your life, instead of continuing to do the will of the devil which curses your life.
   I do not allow the devil to harass, tempt, and destroy My children.  My own children allow him and his demons to continue their work in the earth by My own children yielding to their evil commands.  In doing that, My own children multiply the works of the devil in the earth instead of multiplying My good works in the earth by yielding to My commands which bring My heaven on earth in their lives.
   Jesus outlined the way to having My blessings evident in your life when He taught you to pray that My will would be done in your life so that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in My heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)  I made it possible when I sent My Holy Spirit to live in My children.  My Holy Spirit gives you the power to recognize the devil's temptations, gives you the power to refuse to obey his temptations, and also gives you supernatural power to pray prayers that change the devil's destructive works into miraculous works from Me.  (II Peter 1:3)
   I gave My power to you and I gave My army of angels to do the works of the Holy Spirit in your life when you pray in the prayers of My Holy Spirit.  When you receive My Holy Spirit, My supernatural power is in your mouth when you pray in My spiritual language and My supernatural wisdom is in your thoughts when you hear My voice.  I even give you the power to obey My voice which is merely taking My Fatherly advice which causes you to refuse to do evil and to always do good in the earth, mirroring My heaven.  Mirroring My heaven brings My heaven to earth in your life.  That is what Jesus prayed, and it comes in your life when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit. (John 20:21-23; Acts 2:1-4 and 17-21)
   I have given you an Instruction Book called the Bible and I have given you supernatural power to change your earth into the heaven on earth that it was at the beginning.  You have everything necessary to have My kingdom come into your life as it is in heaven.  Jesus died for it.  Do not make His sacrifice for you null and void by continuing in the works of evil in the earth by thinking and speaking evil against anyone.  Glorify Me by doing My good will in the earth and then you make it possible for My will of giving you My kingdom to become real in your life.
   Your Father of Love and Peace

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