Thursday, June 8, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My desire for all of My children is that they are able to avoid all of the traps in the earth that are set for them by the devil.  I said that he is the deceiver.  A deceiver is one who deceives, manipulates and cheats another person in order to gain control of the life of the person.  That is what the devil did in the garden of Eden to Adam and Eve.  He deceived them by appearing as a serpent and also he deceived them by belittling My commandment to them not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  He convinced them that they would not die, which is what I told them would happen if they listened to him.  Sure enough, when they were deceived and allowed the devil to enter the earth, sin became real and all people die as a result of sinning, which is obeying the dictates of the devil.
    My guidance of you leads you away from the devil's traps so that you will not fall for his deception and become cursed because of binding yourself to the works of the devil instead of your being yoked to Me and reaping the benefits of My kingdom of love, peace and joy.  I have glorious things for you but you must become yoked to Me by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit so that you will be able to discern good and evil, choose good and receive My blessings instead of the devil's curses. 
    My guidance also alerts you to the presence of a thought from hell that is sent into your mind to suggest that My words are of no effect, that they are merely ineffective rhetoric.  The words of the devil in your thoughts suggest that everything that I say is a lie and that he is a speaker of truth.  The opposite is true.  The devil is a liar.  The devil lied to Adam at the beginning by telling him that he wouldn't die if he listened to the devil's lies.  Adam's demise was not immediate so that he would not connect the destruction and death to listening to the devil.    The devil never speaks truth because he knows no truth.  He only knows lies and deception.  He is the father of lies, destruction and death.  My children who listen to him and obey his temptations will receive his terrible rewards of destruction, sickness, tragic situations and circumstances plus death.  
   I made a way out from the horrible circumstances that come upon My children after they listen to the devil and become cursed in their lives.  I sent My Holy Spirit to live in them to be My umbilical cord connecting the two of us together.  To those who choose to receive My Holy Spirit, we become united as One just like Jesus and I are One.  My spiritual power is also dispensed to you through My Holy Spirit who lives inside of My children who invite Him.  My supernatural power becomes your supernatural source of power to destroy the works of the devil in your life and in the lives of other people.  Instead of falling for the devil's deceptions, you are able to discern his temptations and refuse to participate in his evil intentions.  You are able to cast him and his demons into hell as well as avoid their traps. 
   When you choose My ways, I become Lord of your life in the earth again, just like I was at the beginning when Adam and I walked and talked together before evil entered and cursed all human beings and the earth. 
   The traps that the devil sets for you are most often in your thoughts.  The devil can do nothing in the world without your participation.   He tempts you in your mind to do his evil works.  Very often you are deceived and join him in his endeavors.  Then you become cursed instead of blessed, doing evil deeds instead of good deeds.  With the power of My Holy Spirit in your life, you can spiritually discern the evil thoughts put in your mind and refuse to obey them. You can cast the evil temptations into hell. 
   I can also do nothing in the world without the participation of My children.  That is why faith and belief are so necessary, because they open the door for My blessing to flow into your life.   Faith and belief establish you as My child and allow Me to disperse My loving works into your life because you have bound yourself to Me instead of binding yourself to the devil and his works.  I said that to which you are bound to the earth, you are also bound in the heavens.  That means that if you are bound to a person who is doing evil deeds in the world, you are also bound to the evil demons in the spiritual dimension called hell which are motivating the person to do evil.
   When you are bound to Me and My good works through My Holy Spirit who prompts you to do good in the earth, then you are bound to My good angels who issue My rewards to My children.
    You are either choosing good over evil or you are choosing evil over good every moment of your life because your thoughts yield to both kingdoms, the devil's kingdom of sin and My kingdom of heaven.  It is up to you to make the choice between them and to carry out the works of whichever kingdom you choose to further in the earth.   When you further My goodness and love in the earth, you inherit My blessings.  When you further the devil's destructive evil in the earth, you inherit his curses.  It's all so simple. 
    I told My children in the beginning that they choose either good or evil, blessings or curses.  With the power of My Holy Spirit, you have the authority to always choose good over evil and receive My blessings instead of evil curses.   Choose My good ways and live a glorious life while in the earth.
    I do not send curses upon you.  It is being in unity with the devil that allows him to brings curses upon your life because he is the father of curses. (Deuteronomy 28)
    I am the Father of Life and Soul Peace.  I bring love, goodness, kindness, joy and peace into your life when you take My advice and follow it.
    Your Father of Love and Good Rewards             

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