Thursday, June 15, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   When I told you to beware of the rhetoric of the political leaders and the religious leaders, I was warning you about word seeds of hatred, strife, division, discord and anger which result in programming killings, murders and other catastrophes into the people.  My children who should know better than to sow seeds of hell into the earth become immune about what to expect from their toxic words and attitudes.  They refuse the wisdom that I send into their minds and they continue sowing the devil's devastation into your world by their public displays of words and actions from hell.  When their hatred and discord results in enticing people to kill, they often do not take responsibility for their divisive actions which added to the fervor of hatred which already existed in the minds of mentally ill and emotionally troubled people.  The spiritually blinded politicians and religious leaders often continue to blame their opponents in the political world for killings instead of seeing their own contributions to the problems which gave license to unstable people to kill.  Unfortunately, the politicians have also made laws which arm their constituents with the weapons to kill, so what can you expect to happen in your world? 
   What are the logical expectations?  Logical expectations would assume that arming people with weapons to kill and then politically and religiously inflaming the people with anger, hatred and strife is going to result in destructive behavior and death in your world.  But the devil has blinded My own children to the seeds of death and destruction that they are sowing into their own lives and into their world.  The devil has convinced My children that they are doing right and protecting Me and My gospel when they fight against flesh and blood.  My Instructions say the opposite.  My instructions say that flesh and blood are never your enemies, but it's the devil and his demons in the atmosphere which are your real enemies.  My children end up fighting their own siblings in My family instead of declaring war against the real enemy, which is the devil and his demons. (Ephesians 6:10-18) 
   Bitter, hateful, angry and divisive words from the mouths of My children grieve My Holy Spirit because the results of those words curse with devastation and death the beautiful world that I gave to My offspring.  (Ephesians 4:29-31)  My own heart is grieved when My children allow the devil to put his toxic words into their minds and in their mouths, sown there by their unenlightened politicians and religious leaders.  Their toxic words are eventually spoken by My children and those words will curse the earth that I created for My children to tend and govern.  Every negative word that you speak unites you with the devil and his works which will curse your life in the earth in some way.
   Rejoice!  There is salvation.  The salvation comes from your allowing My Holy Spirit to put My words in your mouth by praying in the language of My heavenly dimension which brings salvation to you and to your world.  The words that I pray through your mouth as led by My Holy Spirit will negate the negative words spoken by My unenlightened children and will flood your world with My salvation.
   Don't let your heart be troubled when there are killings and chaos in your world.  They have been around since the beginning when the devil enticed Cain to kill Abel.  Just remember not to feed the demons of killings and chaos by adding any of the devil's negative words to any stressful situation.  Always speak the hope and faith that is in your heart, as placed there by My Spirit.  Speak My words of salvation instead of the devil's words of defeat.
   My obedient children need to speak My encouraging words into the earth to the same degree as the negative, destructive words that the devil entices other people to speak.   My Spiritual words will negate the negative words of the political and religious leaders and those of My children who are guided by their negative words instead of being guided by My Spirit.
  Faith filled and hope filled words spoken by you will shine light on My ways to save your world from the destructive words of powerless religions and divisive politics.  People need to see My light in which to trust.  You are the light of the world when you proclaim positive encouragement and love filled words because you are speaking as led by My Spirit.  (Matthew 5:13-16)
   If the light in you begins to diminish and fade because of listening to negative, divisive rhetoric by religious leaders and politicians, I gave the perfect way to recharge your spiritual batteries.  I said that praying in the Spirit will build up your faith.  (Jude 10)  When you pray in the words of My Holy Spirit and guard your mouth against speaking negatively, your light will be charged to its most brilliant glow and you will again display My Light to the world. 
   Counteract negativity with My positive outlook.  Make it your desire to never leave anyone with a negative view of life, expecting the worse things to happen to them.  If they expect the worse things to happen, they will.  If they expect the best things to happen, they will.  Let everyone know the secret of sowing positive thoughts, attitudes, words and actions in the earth, that they will return positive, good and beneficial things to you because you have sown seeds into My garden of life.  The opposite is also true, negative, divisive, strife filled, angry and hateful thoughts, attitudes, words and actions sown into the earth will guarantee curses will enter into your life because you have sown seeds into the garden of the devil which bring destruction and death.
    Celebrate life and let your light glow in the earth.  Begin your day with thanksgiving to Me instead of complaining to Me.  Speak words of life to everyone.  Let your joy be complete and contagious.  Celebrate when religious leaders and politicians see the errors of their destructive ways and agree to cooperate with each other and become unified.  Prosperity will be on the way if they continue in that unity.
    Everything passes away and the only thing that endures the stresses of living in the world is Love, (I Corinthians 13:13)   Faith, hope and love abide but the greatest is Love.
    Your Father of Loving, Positive and Encouraging Words               

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