Saturday, June 10, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   In the history books relating to My children and their struggles against evil the most successful child of Mine was King David, a man who is said to have been after My whole heart.  His proclamation was that some people put their trust in horses, chariots and weapons but that He put His whole trust and reliance upon the power of My name and in My ability to cause Him to win the battle against evil. (Psalm 20:5) He knew My salvation, announcing many times that I will always answer you in the time of trouble, that I will hear you from My sanctuary on high and I will strengthen, support and refresh you, establishing you on the high places of victory in the earth.  (Psalm 20:1-9)  His experiences proved that the people who trust in military weapons will fall but that those who trust in Me and in the power of My Name will always be victorious.  He said that the people who live by the sword will also die by the sword, but that those who trust in Me will live and will be victorious.
    It is reported later in My Instruction Book that My Son Jesus said that you must turn the other cheek when you are slapped by a human enemy, that you should do good to your human enemies, that you should bless your human enemies.  He said that if you are robbed that you should give everything to the robber in order not to die by their weapon.  He said that the most powerful weapon against a human enemy is love.  Yet, still My children who call themselves by My name arm themselves with weapons that are meant to kill,  The teachings of Jesus disappear when My children arm themselves with weapons of destruction which further the devil's instructions to them to return evil for evil done to them.  (Matthew 5:38-48)  Those children of Mine have no faith in the power of My name and in the power of My love and devotion to them. Instead, they have faith and trust in their weapons, which David and Jesus said they will die by them.  I grieve that they desire to kill others of My children who are deceived by the devil and have yielded to his temptations.  Their love is not perfected because perfect love casts out all fear. (I John 4:18)
    Even though you are not perfected in the revelation of My love for you and for all mankind, I never turn My back on you and withdraw My favor and My love from you.  However, your action of placing your trust in weapons which kill My other children who don't even know Me allows the devil to block My blessings from flowing into your life because your trust is in the devil's weapons of killing instead of in Me and My instructions to you.  If your trust is in weapons, then you must seek a revelation of My love.  (Ephesians 3:14-20)
   Trust and faith in the power of My name means that you know that any demonic spirit behind every conflict, robbery, injury and opposition is subject to the power of My name, shrinking away when My name is boldly proclaimed as your source of life because those demons fear My power and My authority.  Instead of you fearing them, you must proclaim Me as your Father and the evil spirit behind the situation will retreat in fear.  There is power in My name which you must realize.
   Your enemies are never flesh and blood but they are the demons who tempt you from the spiritual dimension in your thoughts and through other people, tempting you to judge others, condemn others, oppose others, being in conflict, strife and discord with others, lusting after things and returning evil for evil done to you.  Instead, you must follow the instructions of Jesus to love your human enemies with My unconditional love. (John 13:34)
   Your Father of Perfect Love for You and Your Human Enemies

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