Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The most often asked questions inquired of Me are, "Why?" 
    Often it is, "Why did this happen to Me?"
    Other times it's, "Why did you allow this horrible thing to happen to Me, God?"
    First of all, I never allow horrible things to happen to My children.  I am Love and Love does not allow bad things to afflict anyone.  The cause of all bad events happening to people is because they have bound themselves to evil in some way, either through generational curses, yielding to tempting evil thoughts, developing toxic attitudes, speaking bitter, caustic words, doing hurtful, injurious deeds toward others or by returning evil for evil done to them in some way.  My Instruction Book if filled with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the prophets which warn My children about the devil's temptations and his efforts to trap them into doing his will in the earth so that My children will be cursed with his destruction and death instead of being blessed with My beneficial inheritance for My children.  Binding themselves to the devil's works of evil in the world is the reason for all horrible things happening to My children. 
    My children erroneously think that I am sovereign in the earth.  I have told you many times in My Book and through the teachings of the Holy Spirit that I relinquished My sovereignty in the earth when I gave the earth to My children in the beginning for them to have dominion over everything in it while it was still the good earth that I designed.  My first command was to not allow the evil spirit of the devil to gain access to the earth by yielding to his temptation.  The first two people  disobeyed and evil entered into the earth in an effort to curse My children and the earth with his evil ways which bring destruction and death to them and the earth that I gave to them.  (Genesis 3:13-19)
   My first two children yielded their wills to the devil and allowed him to become sovereign in the earth, able to tempt them to do his evil will in their earth instead of doing My good will in the earth.  The devil was allowed by the first two children to become their father instead of Me.  Later Jesus told the evil doers that they were of their father, the devil. ( John 8:44) Only in the lives of My children who are led by My Holy Spirit am I allowed to be sovereign in the earth again, as in the beginning before evil was allowed to enter the earth.  I was allowed sovereignty in the beginning when the first man consulted with Me about all things relating to his beautiful earth that I gave to him and asked him to tend and manage for Me. (Genesis 1: 26-31)
   My children who choose to allow My Holy Spirit to live in them and to be Lord of their lives will again allow Me to be Sovereign in their lives and in the earth by allowing Me the opportunity to perform My Fatherly duties, which is to lead and guide them into all good things. (II Corinthians 3:16-18)  My Sovereignty in the earth comes through My children who allow My Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct them.  It is through them that the earth is again blessed and fruitful with good, according to My will. 
   When you allow Me to live in your body in the person of My Holy Spirit, you become My dwelling place in the earth.  (I Corinthians 3:16)  Being called by My name is not allowing Me sovereignty in the earth.  It is when you allow Me to lead you and guide you and direct you that you allow My sovereignty to return in the earth because you have allowed Me to do My will in the earth through you.  You have allowed Me to unconditionally love others through you, to bring peace to every relationship, to be merciful to sinners, to forgive the sins of everyone, to encourage the brokenhearted, to pronounce liberty to those who are bound to the dictates of the devil, to heal the sick, to restore sight to the blind, and to reproduce My image in your life.  (John 13:34-35; John 21-23; Acts 2:14-21; Acts 1:8)
    Only when you are led by My Spirit and walk in My Spirit am I allowed to be sovereign in the earth.  I cannot usurp the authority to have dominion of the earth that I gave to My children at the beginning.  It is only through My children allowing Me to be sovereign in their lives through the power of My Holy Spirit living in them that I can again be sovereign in the earth. 
    When you ask why bad things happen to you,  you now know that there has been a union with the will of the devil in some area of your life, either in thoughts, attitudes, words or actions.  (Isaiah 59:1-4) It is always the devil's work in your life, not Mine.  It grieves Me when My children make a contract with evil to do the will of the devil in the earth.  (Ephesians 4:25-32)  When you find that you have allowed evil to work through you and curse your life in some way, repent and return back to Me as the Prodigal Son did, and I will forgive you and establish you immediately to My favor, restoring your inheritance of blessings which is My pleasure to give. 
   Allow Me to be sovereign in your life through allowing My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in all matters.   I will establish My sovereignty in the earth through you and My other obedient children.  Otherwise, you allow the devil to be sovereign in your life and in the earth and you will live in the horror of his curses.
   Your Father of Love and Kindness. 

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