Monday, June 26, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When your thoughts, attitudes and words are in agreement with My will, then whatever you ask I will do.  It's really that simple.  Think about this: if your thoughts, attitudes and words are images of My will, you will never ask amiss, or ask outside of My will. (James 4:1-3) All of your requests will be in line with My will and I am eagerly waiting for you to ask so that I can answer, "Yes."    Praying My will is easy.  It's praying in an attitude of love with the desire of keeping peace with everyone.
    I never withhold anything from My children.  Everything that I have is yours because We are One.  The only things that keeps you from having My kingdom in your life on earth are the attitudes and words from the devil who tempts you to do his will in the world.  (Isaiah 59:1-2; James 3:1-8))  When you are doing the devil's will, you are not acting as part of My family and therefore not able to access the wonderful things from My kingdom.  I said that those who do My will are My children.  Remember that Jesus said if you are offering your gifts at the altar and remember that someone has something against you, that you should leave the altar and make peace with the person so your prayers will be answered.   Keeping peace with everyone is paramount to your enjoying all of the wonders of My kingdom. (Mathew 5:21-26)
    Displaying My good thoughts, attitudes and words in your world will enable you to receive your inheritance from Me.  Displaying the devil's evil thoughts, attitudes and words will disqualify you from your inheritance of having heaven on earth because you have switched loyalties and are agreeing with thoughts and attitudes from hell.  You have fallen for the devil's trick which he sent to trap you into allowing him to abide in you through anger, hatred, strife, judging, jealousy, envy, lying, bitterness, lust and other attitudes from hell. You become like Adam and Eve, cursed in every area of your life. (Genesis 3:14-19) 
    I am your good Father and I want you to have everything that I bequeathed to you.  When you do My will in your life of loving everyone and keeping peace with everyone, you can access everything that I have for you because I am not hiding anything from you.  It is the devil who has hidden My blessings from you.  When you are no longer bound to him in any way, then you have proven that you are My child and you are identified in the heavens as My child. (John 15:7) My heaven opens to you to bless you in every way.  Abiding in Me and letting My words abide in you means that you are changed into My image of love and peace in the earth because I live in you.
    All good things belong to My children who are doing My will in the earth because they intimately know Me.  Don't be deceived into doing the will of the devil in the earth, becoming images of his evil character of hatred, anger and strife.
    It is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom because I am Love and I love you.
    Your Generous, Good Father        

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