Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Dear Precious One,
    I told all of My children through My Holy Spirit that those people who are led by My Spirit are My children. (Romans 8:14-18)  There are many people who call themselves by My name who are led by the spirits of anger, bitterness, judgment, division, condemnation, lust, immorality, impurity, hypocrisy, strife, discord, envy, drunkenness, political spirits, religious spirits and other demons from hell.  (Galatians 5:16-21) Those children of Mine profess to believe in My Son Jesus but they are not led by the very power which raised Him from the dead, My Holy Spirit. I said that they will not inherit My kingdom.  They refuse the promptings of My Spirit and instead they follow the guidance of the devil who tempts their flesh.   They only trust in My forgiveness and grace to grant them eternal life after their bodies die.  Unfortunately, those children of Mine will not inherit My Eternal Life, which is My Holy Spirit, who brings My kingdom into their lives while they live in the earth.  My name is maligned in the earth because of them.  I said that those who are perfected in love and peace bring glory to My name. 
   My children who are led by My Spirit display My characteristics of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance.  My Holy Spirit leads My children to put off the old demonic spirits and put on My Holy Spirit who displays My love and goodness in the earth. (Galatians 5:22-25)  I don't expect you to be able to display My unconditional love and peace without help from Me, which comes to you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  He gives you the power to become My child and then He gives you the power to become My image in the earth with the power and ability to love unconditionally.   I told you through Jesus Christ that I would give you My power to become My child and that I would lead you with My wisdom on how to inherit My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, in answer to the prayer of Jesus.  (Matthew 6:10; Acts 1:4-8;John 16:7-15)
    Walking in the paths of righteousness is My desire for My children and it is possible when My children are guided by My Spirit.  He only leads them to enter into the narrow gate which leads to righteousness.  I said that the gate is wide that leads to destruction but the gate is narrow which leads to eternal life.  I did not make the gate narrow that leads to righteousness.  The devil did that.  But I give My children who are led by My Spirit the guidance to enter into the narrow gate and inherit My kingdom living while in the earth as well as in My heaven.  I give you the power to become obedient to My promptings and the power to overcome the evil that is in your world. 
   You can have My kingdom of love and peace while in the earth, but only if you are led by My Holy Spirit.  He distributes My power to you to overcome evil and to be led by Me instead of being led by the temptations of your flesh where the devil works and brings destruction to your life.
    You need to be constantly aware of My voice that is prompting you in your thoughts to do My will while in the earth.  My Spirit is My voice in the earth and He will always prompt you to do My will in the earth, which is to love everyone with My unconditional love, the love that I have for you.  (Matthew 5:43-48; John 13:34-35) 
   It is only with the power of My Holy Spirit that you can love others with My unconditional love.  My love is more powerful than the love that I asked you to love your neighbor as yourself.  That fleshly love is limited.  Only with My Holy Spirit's power can you love others as I love you, unconditionally and without judgment and condemnation.
    I asked all of My children not to return to obeying fleshly temptations after becoming My spiritual child, but to always be led by My promptings through My Holy Spirit.  He leads you to the green pastures and still waters of rest.  (Psalm 23:1-3)  I said that I lead you to sow peace and walk in peace for the sake of My name, that other people will see your love and peace and glorify Me, choosing to become My child also.  That will only happen when you are led by My Spirit and display My character in the earth.  To become My witness is to become My image.  Your spiritual characteristic of love is your perfect witness because love overcomes every evil in the earth.  
     Your Father of Every Provision and Blessing

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