Monday, June 12, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
  In My teaching through Jesus to you about forgiveness and yielding to temptations, I said that to whatever you are bound on earth you will also be bound in heaven. (Matthew 18:15-19) In other words, to whatever or whomever you give your trust, your allegiance, your faith or your reliance, if that person, belief or political faction displays My love, peace, mercy and goodness, then you are also bound to My kingdom benefits in heaven and they will pour into your life.  But, if the person, belief or religious or political faction displays demonic characteristics of  of strife, domination, hatred, discord and other demonic activity, then you are bound to the devil's kingdom and you will reap his curses in your life.  Jesus cautioned you about binding yourself to someone who has sinned against you, that you should forgive and try to restore him or her to wholeness in My ways.
   When you are emotionally bound by disgust or judgment to a person who is acting in the devil's destructive activities of the devil and has offended you in thought, attitude, word or deed, if you have not forgiven the person then you are bound to the person just as if you were doing the same toxic activities.  That is why forgiveness is so important, even if you need to forgive him or her 490 times in a day when the incident comes to mind.  To forgive means to release the person and the injurious incident from your mind.  Jesus said if it takes 490 times in a single day, then do it until you are free from the judgment and condemnation that you hold against the person.  When you loose the person from the judgment in your mind by forgiving him or her, then you are loosed from unity with the devil and his demons who created the situation.  But if you retain the offense in your mind, then you are connected to the same curses from hell that the devil used to trap you in your mind. (Matthew 18:22-35)  I cannot loose you from the devil's judgment on you in the form of curses, only you can do it by an act of your will by forgiving a person. 
    My forgiveness for you restores you to My kingdom benefits, so you must remain free from judging others or you will be bound to the same demons to which they have allegiance and trust.  When you forgive the person, you loose yourself from the demonic kingdom to which the person was, himself, bound.  Jesus said that with the power of My Holy Spirit that whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retain are retained.  My desire is that you forgive everyone who sins against you so that you will be bound to My kingdom of love and reap the benefits of My kingdom while you live in the earth. (John 20:21-23)
   Make sure you are not bound by respect, adoration, belief or allegiance to some politician or religious leader who displays the characteristics of the devil.  If you are bound to someone who is cursed by fleshly works of strife, jealousy, envy, discord, hatred, meanness, lust, hypocrisy, pride and division, then you will also inherit the curses from those actions while in the earth because being bound to the person in the earth also binds you to the demonic spirits motivating the person.  You have seen it many times that cult leaders cause their followers to reap the same destruction and death that they receive from the seeds they have sown from hell.
   Jesus taught you that you should not be bound to the teachings of the Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes or hypocrites, who are the divisive politicians and the unenlightened religious leaders, saying that if you bind yourself to their words that you will inherit their woes. (Matthew 18:7; Matthew 23:13-36)
   My Spirit of discernment will give you alerts and warnings when you are tempted to be bound to evil in any way.  He will teach you to forgive the person who sins against you.  Try to restore the person to Me, but if they refuse then you should separate yourself from loyalty to the person in order to separate yourself from the curses caused by their association with the devil.
   Teaching you to avoid associations with evil while in the earth are My Fatherly duties.  You do the same with your earthly children, try to lead them way from evil and its consequences.  I will do so much more by the power of My Holy Spirit.  He teaches you to discern good and to discern evil, and to judge the evil spirits who tempt you by casting them into hell. (John 16:7-11)
   I never condemn you if you are not able to follow My instructions.  I love you.  But you are condemned already if you fall for the devil's temptations and do his will in the earth.  When you are led by My Spirit and do My will in the earth, then My kingdom of love comes into your life with My abundant blessings for you.  Hear My words, follow them, and receive the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Loving, Tutoring Father        

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