Friday, June 9, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   There cannot be an effective beginning to anything new and pure until there is an ending to everything old and destructive.  As long as you cling to an old, worn out, broken vehicle, you cannot put your faith and enjoyment in a new, shiny, mechanically perfect vehicle.  As long as you cling to an old, destructive and toxic relationship, you cannot put your entire trust in a new relationship that is peaceful, loving and pure. 
   Think about your relationship with the demonic spirits who tempt your flesh to do their destructive bidding.  As long as you hold on to any of them, you are allowing those toxic spirits to poison your new relationship with Me.   That is the insight given by My Son Jesus and by the new covenant prophets as written in My Instruction Book.  (Matthew 25:31-46) 
   As soon as My Holy Spirit reveals to you any of the old demonic spirits which are still being allowed to poison you and your life, you must immediately cast them out of your life just like Jesus did to the demonic spirits that cursed the lives of His followers.  You must send them to hell, as Jesus taught when He said that My children would cast them into hell where there is gnashing of teeth.  When Jesus went to hell for you, He opened the door for you, through the power of My Holy Spirit, to send the demons to hell. 
   There were many demons which Jesus cast out of people which threw the person on the ground when they left the person's body.  They hold on for dear life and do not want to leave familiar territory where they have been allowed to display their evil personalities.  Of course those were evil spirits or Jesus would not have cast them out of a person.  Some of the evil spirits caused blindness, deafness, death, craziness, illnesses, rebellion, lustful thoughts, unbelief, betrayal, adultery, greed. gluttony, lying, condemnation, judging, crippling and other maladies that curse the lives of people.  They are the ones which bring hell into the lives of My children today. 
   It is not Me that afflicts people with curses and destruction, as some religious people believe.  It has always been the devil and his demons and is still the devil and his demons.  Only the people who don't know Me are the ones who place the blame upon Me for being the dispenser of evil or for allowing evil to continue in the world.  They don't know Me.  They only know about Me, like Job, who only knew about Me from hearing other people teach about Me.  Their teachers don't know Me, either. 
   Merely knowing about Me by the hearing of the ears does not establish a One on One, close Father and child relationship with Me.  (Job 42:1-7)  It is knowing Me face to face through the power of My Holy Spirit that establishes our relationship where I transfer My wisdom, knowledge, love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, goodness and patience into you from the inside of your spirit where I dwell.  My Holy Spirit is My spiritual umbilical cord from Me to My children through whom My love and wisdom flow.        
   My endeavors in the earth are to empower My children with the authority to cast out demons, heal the sick, heal the brokenhearted, let those people who are captives of the demons go free, and to break every yoke of bondage to the devil.  My gift of salvation is to save you from the destruction and death that participating with the devil always brings into the lives of My children.  My promise is fulfilled in the power of the person of the Holy Spirit of which Jesus spoke.  My Spirit is the dispenser of My power in the earth to My children.  (Acts 1:1-8)      
   My children who hang onto any demonic spirits cannot inherit My kingdom while they live in the earth, even though they profess My name and claim their allegiance to Me.  I said that even though you cast out demons in My name, heal the sick in My name and do all manners of things in My name, if you retain a relationship with demons you will not be able to inherit all of My Kingdom benefits while you live in the earth.  Inheriting My kingdom while in the earth is what I intended for you.
   I do not keep you from inheriting My benefits.  Any demons that My children retain in their lives will stand between them and Me at the permission of My children, whether purposely or innocently.  Jesus identified all of the offending demons, My Instruction Book identifies them, and My Spirit alerts you to the presence of any demon which you have retained in your life.  You have the authority to banish them from your life and send them into their own prison of hell.  (Isaiah 59:1-4) 
   Old demonic things must come to an end in your life if you want to fulfill the prayer of Jesus when He prayed that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven, which comes when My will is done in the earth by My children. (Matthew 6:10)   My delight is in My children who depend completely upon the tutoring and guidance of My Holy Spirit.  It is those of My children who inherit My kingdom benefits while in the earth.  Just as their delight is in Me, My delight is in them.
   Take advantage of My salvation, which is being saved from the works of evil in the earth.  (I John 3:8-9) Let My Holy Spirit take His Lordship in your life. (II Corinthians 3:17-18)
    Your Loving, Saving, Tutoring, Guiding Father of Love       

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