Monday, June 5, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Taking My Parental advice is the most important advantage of belonging to My family.  My advice leads you away from danger and leads you into the beneficial areas of life while you live in the earth.  (Psalm 23:1-3)
   There are people in the earth who, by nature and good earthly experiences, do My will in the earth without calling themselves My children.  When they do My will, even though not being called by My name, they still reap the benefits that I set aside for My children because they are doing what I require in the earth to qualify for My inheritance.  Some unbelievers do what I ask My own children to do and they do even more than I ask My own children to do, loving the unloved, giving to the poor, encouraging the brokenhearted, giving sight to the blind, freeing the oppressed and refusing to yield to evil temptations.  They reap the same benefits that My obedient children reap because they unknowingly do what My words ask them to do. They have the fruit of love in their lives and in their actions.  They do more than what the religious politicians, the religious priests and pastors, the religious lawmakers and the hypocrites who call themselves by My name do.  Often My own children who call themselves by My name do the opposite of what are identified as My characteristics because their pride of being My child keeps them from knowing what I ask them to do.  They reap the horrible woes from binding themselves to politicians and religious leaders who do the will of the devil instead of My will.  (Romans 2:9-16)
    One of the characteristics of My children who are unbelievers who do not call themselves by My name but who do what I ask them to do to others, being kind, good, forgiving, loving and merciful, one characteristic is that they are not judgmental because they have no religious laws by which to judge others.  The religious laws were not given by Me in order to judge others, they were given in order to identify the works of the devil in the world in order for My children to avoid doing them.  (Romans 2:13-14) Many unbelievers have My words of love written on their hearts because of their being sensitive to My inner guidance without knowing from where the guidance originates, which is from Me.  They do what I ask them to do, loving others without judgment and condemnation, because they have no religious laws being used to judge and condemn other people.
    Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, My grace covers those who believe and those who do not believe because My grace is unconditional and all people have yielded to the temptations of the devil.  There are great rewards to those who do My will in the earth, whether they call themselves by My name or not.  (Romans 2:28-29)  It is doing My will in the earth which qualifies people for My great rewards, whether they call themselves by My name or not.  Those people who have My words written on their hearts but do not call themselves by My name have the same rewards in the earth as the ones who have My religious laws and obey them. 
    It is My children who call themselves by My name but who do not do My will in the earth who join themselves to the devil's family of evil which curses their lives.  Those who proclaim allegiance to My words but who become angry and desire to kill others are not doing My will in the earth.  They have become disobedient to My guidance and I cannot shepherd them to the green pastures and still waters when they do evil in the earth. (Romans 2:17-24) Yet, those people who are not religious but who have My guidance written on their hearts and refuse to become angry with the desire to kill someone will reap the benefits of My kingdom coming upon them because they have done what My words have guided them to do.  It is the same relating to committing adultery, stealing, being envious, coveting, and so on.  Yielding to the devil to do his will in the earth rejects both believers and unbelievers from collecting My blessings in their lives.  Yielding to My guidance to do My will qualifies both believers and unbelievers to collect My blessings while in the earth.
    When you proclaim Me as your Father, by the power of My Holy Spirit you must do what I guide you to do or you will not, while living in the earth, reap the benefits of being My child.  Jesus Christ said it is those who do My will who are My true children and will inherit the benefits of My kingdom.  Those of My children who do the will of the devil while they live in the earth will inherit the curses of the devil, even though they call themselves by My name.  It grieves Me that they choose evil instead of good.  My love is still poured upon them, but their choices of evil over good has prevented them from collecting My kingdom benefits.  Those people who do My will in the earth of loving others as I love them, whether believers or unbelievers, will inherit My blessings while in the earth. 
     My love and My blessings are constantly flowing in the earth to the people who follow My guidance and love others as I love them.  Make it your will to place My will at the forefront of all of your actions in the earth.  Love always wins the rewards because I am Love and I reward those people who diligently seek to do My will in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)
    Your Loving, Merciful, Nonjudgmental Father  

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