Thursday, May 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You would learn how to stay out of trouble If you were to take a course given by your local police force in behavior on how to avoid being arrested, charged with an offense, found guilty and sentenced to jail or prison.  You would pay attention, heed the advice, and thus avoid unlawful behavior and having to endure unpleasant events in your life because of your breaking of civil laws.  You would learn how to avoid the enticements of lawbreakers to join them in their rebellion against the laws.  As a result, you would be saved from the judgment of the courts and have a peaceful existence in your locality.
   My children need to realize that everything taught by My Son Jesus was learned from Me and it is through those teachings that I warn My children about the enticements of the spiritual lawbreakers, the demons who exist to tempt you to ignore My spiritual warnings and enter into the territory of the devil where he arrests you, charges you, finds you guilty immediately and sentences you to having destruction in your life and possibly death.  My teachings and admonitions through Jesus Christ are given by Me to save you from the traps set by the devil so that he can eventually judge you with his judgment of cursing you in areas of your life. 
   All of My words to you are My Parental wisdom which reveals evil to you and reveals good to you.   I said that My words are perfect, reviving your soul; My testimonies are sure, making you wise; My precepts are right, rejoicing your heart; My commands are pure, enlightening your eyes, awe for Me is clean, enduring forever; and My ordinances are true and righteous all together.  (Psalm 19:7-11)  I said that they are to be desired more than gold, even much fine gold, and they are sweet like dripping of the honeycomb. Then I proclaimed that My words are warnings for My children and that there is great reward in keeping them.  It could not be more clear to you that My words written to you and spoken to you are more important that any other thing in your life.  My Holy Spirit reveals them to you, making them take root in your mind until they are observed and treasured by you.
   One of the most ignored of My commands by My children is one spoken by Jesus Christ in His first teaching session to His followers.  It is the most difficult to do by human standards but is the most important one in relation to My ability to reward you.  It's the admonition to love your enemies.  Jesus said that you have heard it said that you should love your neighbor but hate your enemies.  (Matthew 5:43-48.) It is the same today in your world, you are encouraged to love your friends and family but hate people of a certain ethnicity.   But Jesus said that His command is that your love your enemies and to pray for your enemies who persecute you.  Then He gave you the reason why He asked you to love your enemies, so that you may be My children since I make the sun to shine on the evil and the good and I send rain on the just and the unjust.  He was saying that the identifying characteristic of My true children is those who love their enemies and love those people who persecute them.  He said if you only love the people who love you, that there is no reward in that, that even the tax collectors do that.  Jesus said that if you salute and greet only your brothers in your denomination or religious identity, what more are you doing than others who do not even know Me?  I said through Jesus that even unbelievers do that.
    Then Jesus made an astounding statement.  He said that you must be perfect as I am perfect.  Perfection in the eyes of Jesus is when you love your enemies  with My unconditional love and pray for the people who persecute you and do all manner of evil against you.  Yet, My children erase this admonition from their minds when their earthly nation goes to war against another nation and its people.  My children immediately adopt the enemies of their nation as their own enemies and support killing them, maiming them and destroying them in the name of patriotism.  Instead of loving the enemies of their nation as I commanded, they support warring against them in the name of patriotic pride. 
    Remember that I told you in the past that extreme national patriotism is not a fruit of My Spirit.  It is a fruit of the flesh.  In My identification of the fruit of the flesh I named a political party spirit as being from hell, along with other demonic spirits, and I said that those who follow the passions of the flesh which actions those spirits cause, they will not enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  My children cease being known as My children when they engage in wars, killings, destruction, strife and enmity in the name of political and national pride.  They inherit the woes of the political leaders, just as I warned when I told you about the politicians and their woes.  The Pharisees, the Sadducees and the scribes were the politicians at the time that Jesus walked in the earth. 
   I give you the power to love your human enemies with My unconditional love.  I give you the power to pray for those who persecute you.  When you are rooted and grounded in My love for you and for all human beings you will easily love your enemies with the same love that I love you, unconditionally and perfectly. And you will be My child, perfected in love.  I said that perfect love casts out fear. (I John 4:18-20)  Fear of death brings fear of punishment until My children know fully the height, width, depth and length of My love.  When you know My love for you and for all people, you are perfected in My unconditional love. and you are able to love your enemies and pray for them because there is no fear in you.
    Do you really believe My words and admonitions through Jesus?   If you do, then you will reject all of the devil's temptations to return evil for evil done to you, you will love your enemies with My love, you will bless and pray for people who persecute you.  In doing those things, you will be known as My child and will be rewarded by Me for being My image in your world.  My children who do My will are rewarded by Me and it is My pleasure to do so.  
   Your Father Who Loves You and Your Human Enemies                         

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