Thursday, May 11, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Yes, it is possible to eliminate the generational curses that plague My children which cause their lives to inherit the destruction of the devil instead of causing their lives to inherit My love and peace in their lives.  You know now that the principle of sowing and reaping is always in effect.  Generational curses cause a person to sow seeds into the devil's garden of curses and cause a person to reap his curses as a result.  Doing My will causes a person to sow seeds into My garden of love and reaping loving blessings and peaceful blessings in their lives. That sounds so simple but the secret is getting rid of the demons which cause the generational curses in families which, according to Jewish tradition, are said to continue to the third and fourth generations.  (Exodus 34:6-7)
   I have written in My Instruction Book to My children that there are several ways to destroy the works of the devil, as evidenced by the teachings of Jesus and the writings of His disciples in My Book.  Generational curses are works of the devil passed down from generation to generation.  We discussed one way of resisting the devil so that he will flee from you. (James 4:7-11)  There is more to resisting the devil than you know.  Jesus' effective resistance of the devil when he was tempted is a good example.  He did not only refuse to obey what the devil put in his thoughts to do, He spoke to the devil what My will was in relation to all three temptations.  For instance, James says to submit yourself to Me and resist the devil.  You must know what My will is in the matter in which you are being tempted.  Jesus came back at the devil by quoting My will relating to the three temptations, which He was well schooled in knowing.
   When you are tempted by the devil to become angry with someone, you must speak My will in the matter back to the devil's thoughts.  For instance Jesus said, "Anyone that is angry with his brother is liable for judgment, whoever insults his brother is liable to the council and whoever calls his brother a fool is in danger of the hell of fire."   When you quote that back to the devil, that will send the devil fleeing because you know My will in the matter, which is to refuse to return anger for anger.  The devil knows that you have chosen My will of refusing to be angry at someone instead of choosing his will to be angry at someone.  When you are submitted to Me and My wisdom in all matters, the devil cannot deceive you into doing his will. 
  Jesus proved to you the way to handle the temptations of the devil in your mind and it is not only to refuse to obey the devil's temptation but to declare to the devil My will in the matter which is your reason for refusing to obey him .  Your will is involved in whether to submit to anger or not, and when you choose not to be angry and let the devil know why you are not submitting to his will is because I am your Father and you are submitting to My will, the devil has no choice but to leave you because you are not going to be deceived into doing his will and allowing his will to curse your life.  You have chosen the path of righteousness and have declared it to the devil and his demons who deceive people into doing his will in the earth.
   The key is to know what My will is in relation to what you are tempted to do.  If you do not know My will in every temptation, in the heat of passion when someone opposes you, hits you, insults you or injures you, you will yield to the demon of anger and be judged by the devil with the fires of hell.  You will return evil for evil because of anger and you will find yourself in a situation that brings evil upon yourself and your brother.  Evil effects will flood into both of your lives because of your yielding to the anger placed in your thoughts by the devil.  But if you resist the devil and speak My will to him, refusing to become angry, then you have won the battle with the devil and he will flee from you, just like he did with Jesus. (Matthew 4: 1-11)
   The added benefit to the devil fleeing from you and your being free from his temptations for a while is that My angels will minister to you, just like the scripture says.  As Jesus said, when the devil is cast out by My Holy Spirit, My kingdom comes upon that person.  (Luke 11:20)
   Every time you win a battle with evil thoughts, instead of obeying the evil thought to retaliate but choosing to do My will in the earth, then My angels reward you with added blessings of love, peace and goodness.  That reward is because you have chosen good over evil.  (Matthew 26:27; Hebrews 11:6)
    My children must learn their Constitution and Bylaws relating to the Keys of My Kingdom.  In other words, My children must know My will in every matter so that they will reap the big rewards of being My children.  It is My pleasure to give you My entire kingdom. 
   Your Father of Pleasant  Rewards                    

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