Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You must be convinced beyond a doubt that I, as Your Loving Father, knows best relating to all of your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken.  When you know the constitution and bylaws of My Kingdom of Love, you are informed of all of the heavenly benefits from taking My advice and following My valuable guidance.  What is paramount is your knowing all of the spiritually legal benefits of listening to Me as your Father and following My advice. 
   The truth is that there are alien evil spirits in your world which are roaming the earth like a roaring lion seeking My children who wander outside of My Kingdom of Love so that he can devour them.  Those demons from hell are poised and ready to tempt My children and then destroy them when they get into enemy territory by following the will of the devil to be done in their lives instead of following My will.  That truth is the reason that Your Heavenly Father knows best relating to everything concerning your life in the earth.
   Some of My children are satisfied with merely knowing that I forgive their sins, trespasses, iniquities and rebellious actions that they do in response to the temptations of the devil.  Yes, forgiveness of all of your sins is a glorious part of My Kingdom of Love.  However, it's not all of the benefits.  When My children only know about My forgiveness, they are constantly sinning so that they can be forgiven, sinning so that they can be forgiven and on and on because they don't know that I supply My authoritative power of My Holy Spirit to live inside of them to alert them to the devil's temptations from hell so that My children can refuse to do the devil's will instead of depending upon My forgiveness over and over.  (Romans 5:20-21; Romans 6:1-4) 
    Sinning over and over again and being forgiven by Me over and over again does not glorify Me because there is no heavenly inheritance that comes upon you because you still suffer the devil's consequences of the sins over and over again.  You are forgiven by Me and are clean in My eyes, but the seeds sown in the devil's garden will grow evil plants which will curse your life.   When you are placing yourself under the old laws of sinning and then being forgiven, then you are not reaping the benefits of My new covenant with My children. 
   My covenant of Love dispenses new power to live in My children.  I give My Very Own Holy Spirit to live in them with the power to refuse temptations from hell, I give to My children who ask from Me the authoritative power to cast demons out of the world instead of obeying them.  I give to My children eyes to recognize the evil spirits who temp them and I commission My children to cast them back into hell from where they came,  To those of My children who seek Me, through My Holy Spirit I teach My children all of the spiritual wisdom and knowledge necessary for them to be victorious in life over evil instead of always sinning and having to be forgiven by Me.  My forgiveness is universal, but My guidance is for My children who seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness. 
    I said that obedience is better than sacrifice.  That means that it is much more beneficial for My children to seek to hear My words of guidance, then do what I lead them to do, always returning good for evil done to them, and then My kingdom benefits come into their lives on earth.  Obedience to My guidance saves My children from having to suffer the consequences of their sins after making sacrifices for forgiveness, as was taught under religious laws. 
   When My children view My guidance as beneficial insight and wisdom, then obeying My guidance themselves, they stay well entrenched in My Kingdom of Love instead of venturing into the devil's kingdom of destruction and death caused by yielding to the temptations of his demons.  When you obey My guidance, which keeps you thinking, doing and saying My personal ways in the earth, then you do My will in the earth and My Kingdom of Love floods its benefits into your life because you have dispensed love and peace in the earth that I gave to you.
    My Holy Spirit wants to lead you into all truth by teaching you how to avoid evil in the earth.  He wants to teach you about My angelic hosts which are sent by Me to be in unity with My Spirit and they obey every word that He commands.  My Spirit wants you to pray in My spiritual words so that solutions will be sent to My ways and means committee, which are My angels, empowering them to bring solutions to all of your problems.  This all must be done in an attitude of love, for I said that even if you pray in human and angelic words, they must be in an attitude of unconditional love.  (I Corinthians 13:1)
   My Spirit wants to build a temple of love in you through whom all of the world is blessed.  I know how to do it because I am your Father.  Become intimately acquainted with Me, listen to My guidance, do what I lead you to do, and then reap the benefits of heavenly living while in the earth. (Matthew 6:10)
   Your Loving Father

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