Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Dear Loving Child,
   In His very first teaching seminar, My Son Jesus had many things of which He warned My children for which you must be on the lookout so that you do not fall for the tempting deceptions of the devil which he puts in your thoughts.  We talked about Jesus' teaching on anger, that it is a precursor to injuring someone or killing someone.  We talked about before you pray that you should make peace with someone who has something against you so that there are no barriers to your prayers.  We talked about your not swearing by anything, not My heaven, nor your head, not the earth and not My Instruction Book but only let your yes be yes and your no be no.  We also talked about keeping secret your giving, your offerings and your tithing and I will reward you.  We also talked about only praying in your own home instead of in front of people because if you pray in front of people the devil tempts you to pray words that will bring attention to you from the hearers.  Instead, I told you to only pray in your home where only you and I are in communion with each other and I hear you in secret but I will reward you openly with answers to your prayers.  Your prayers should be only for Me, not for a  public pronouncements.  I want to answer your prayers which I can only do when your prayers are strictly for My ears and not for the ears of other people, as Jesus said are the hypocrites' prayers.
   All of those warnings were given by Me through Jesus to inform you about the traps that you sometimes miss as being set by the devil to deceive you into doing his will in the earth so that he can be authorized to curse your life in some way. 
   Another warning that Jesus gave in His first teaching was about the devil's character of lust.  Jesus said that it's written in religious laws that a man should not divorce his wife.  Again Jesus amplified that commandment.  He explained the way the devil tempts men to commit adultery is by the devil's temptation of sexually lusting after another woman.  Jesus identified the lure that lust has on a man when He said that if a man lusts after a woman that he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.  While lusting in his mind about a woman, the man has created an image of having sexual intercourse with her.  That teaching was so explicit in its warning that Jesus said that if your eye offends you, to pluck it out and if your hand offends you, to cut it off.  He was being strict in his teaching in order for you to know the danger of the devil's temptation to sexually lust about a woman.  (Matthew 5:27-30) Casting the demon of lust away from you into hell while being tempted alleviates you of the need to pluck out your eye or cut off your hand.  Jesus was saying that the curses that come into a man's life through lust are so destructive that it's better to live without an eye or a hand than to suffer the consequences of lusting.  The devil's pleasure in destroying human families is accomplished by his using his demon of lust to entice people.  The demon of lust is never satisfied and leads to addictive lusting after others which can never be satisfied.  That teaching was explicit.  Jesus was identifying the demon of lust as being insidious and deceptive.  Jesus wanted My children to recognize that destructive demon and for My children to refuse to obey its temptations in order to save yourself, your mate and your family.  In plain language, don't let lustful thoughts into your mind or you will suffer the devil's consequences which are destruction of the lives of your family members.  Lust leads to adultery, adultery lead to divorce and divorce leads to family destruction ,  
   Another one fo My teachings through Jesus that was contrary to religious custom was His command that you refuse to return evil for evil done to you.  His teaching was opposite to comman practices because your doing aggressive actions against other people who oppose, fight, strike and insult you was respected.  That does not make it my will.  Jesus told you that it is My will for you, as My child, that you should always return good for evil done to you, turning your cheek if someone strikes you, if someone sues you to give him more than he requires, if someone forces you to go with him one mile that you should go two miles, that you should give to everyone who begs from you, and you should always give money to someone who wants to borrow from you.  In doing all of those things you rob the devil of his own traps laid for you to entice you to become involved in a disagreement, a conflict or a fight.  I taught you that principle through Jesus to teach you how to refuse to do evil, even when it seems right to do evil to someone who has done evil to you.  If you do engage in evil, then you have fallen for the devil's trap that he sets for you.  But If you only return good for evil done to you, then the devil is defeated in his plan.  Returning evil for evil gives to the devil a victory and he celebrates because he has succeeded in his plan to make sure both of the parties are injured or killed.  (Matthew 5:38-42) 
   All of My instructions to you are given by Me to identify the works of the devil so that you will not be deceived, as was the first man, and obey the temptations.  If you obey them, you become cursed in areas of your life.  My forgiveness absolves you of all sins in My eyes.  My instructions, if heeded, keep you from having to suffer the consequences of actions which bind you to the judgment of the devil.    
   Invading demonic spirits roam the earth seeking whom they can devour.  Some demons will tempt you to lust, other demons will tempt you to return evil for evil, some demons will tempt you to pray prayers to be praised by people like a hypocrite prays, some demons will tempt you to judge others, some demons will tempt you to swear by some earthly thing, some demons will tempt you to brag about giving alms, some demons will tempt you with lustful thoughts, some demons will tempt you to defend yourself against a person who does evil to you, some demons will tempt you to become angry with another person, some demons will tempt you to seek vengeance, some demons will tempt you to hold grudges.  I have identified some of the many ways that your real enemy, the devil, tries to suck you into doing his will in the earth so that he can destroy you.  The destruction may not be immediate or you would recognize him the next time he tempts you.  But you will be destroyed in some area of your life, I assure you.  That is why I alerted you to the strategies of the works of the devil through My son Jesus, so that you will understand his plans and avert them instead of obeying them and suffering the consequences.  My Holy Spirit will highlight the voices of the temptations in your mind and you will know that they are there to trap you.  REFUSE to listen to them.  Instead, resist them and cast them into hell. 
    Kingdom living in the earth is yours when you refuse evil and do good.  My Spirit gives you the power to recognize evil and the power to cast the demons out of your thoughts and into hell.  When you do, My kingdom blessings come upon you. (Luke 11:20-23)
    Your Loving, Tutoring, Father of Goodness and Kindness         

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