Friday, May 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Even though you walk around in the earth in a fleshly body, you don't have to live in bondage to the passions of your flesh where generational curses from your past relatives haven taken up residence in your flesh. called generational curses.  With the power of My Holy Spirit living inside of your spirit, you have the spiritual authority and the power to resist those temptations of the devil and deny their ability to manifest their destruction in your life toward other people as well as destructive actions that sow seeds of destruction in your own life.  The apostle Paul said it effectively when he said that though he was often a slave to the passions of the flesh, he is victorious through My Holy Spirit in denying the demons in his flesh the opportunity to do their destructive acts through Him.  (Romans 7 and Romans 8:1-5)
   My generational blessings of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance will flood into your life when you follow the guidance of My Spirit instead of yielding to the temptations of your flesh to do the devil's dastardly deeds.
    Life in the earth is a series of military battles against the devil's temptations, your choosing to either disobey them or your yielding to their destructive attitudes, words and actions.  In your thoughts there is always the choice between good and evil.  Very often, reasoning from the devil instead of reasoning from Me is chosen to act upon and a generational curse is able to rule in your attitudes, your words or your actions.  Because of the seeds that you have sown in the devil's garden of destruction, there will be evil plants grown which will cause a barrier between you and My blessings flowing in your life.  (Isaiah 59:1-4) However, there is no condemnation from Me.  There is only guilt and condemnation in your thoughts from the devil, the same that he did in the beginning to the first man and woman when he shamed and condemned them for doing what he tempted them to do.  (Genesis 4:3-7)
    Taking authority over the passions of the flesh to do evil is possible for My children who are led by My Holy Spirit.  I desire that My spiritual children are able to refuse fleshly passions and send the demons behind the temptations to hell after being in submission to My Holy Spirit who gives to you My anointing to cast into hell the offending demons. 
    Always remember that there is My power available to you in which you have the authoritative power to refuse the devil's temptations which will lead to destruction in some area of your life if you yield to them.  You have My Holy Spirit's authority and power to rid your flesh of the destructive demons who tempt you to do the devil's will.  My Spirit gives to you the power to do My will in the earth which results in your sowing seeds in My garden of love which will grow loving plants in your garden of life.
   Learn, from the tutoring of My Holy Spirit, to recognize the temptations to do evil as being from hell and then resist doing the devil's will.  Instead, submit yourself to Me and do My will in every situation which will produce blessings in your life.  Blessing begin flowing immediately after you resist the devil's urges, as seen after the temptation of Jesus when He resisted the devil.  After He defeated the devil  by refusing to do his will, My angels ministered to Jesus.  (Matthew 4:21)
   I said through Jesus that if He cast out demons by the power of My Holy Spirit, then My entire kingdom comes upon that person.  (Luke 11;20-23)
   Get rid of the generational curses passed down from your relatives.  They plague you and tempt you because of their desire to keep you in bondage to them.  My children who have generational demons of poverty can never become financially successful until they cast those demons into hell.   Family demons of anger will manifest anger through you in every stressful situation until you are punished by civil authorities for actions done in anger or until you are consumed with bitterness and die as a result of illnesses.  (Galatians 5:13-16)  Family demons of lust will persist in the thoughts of a person until he or she is arrested for his or her lustful works and sent to prison or killed by a person who has been offended by the lust.  The objective of every generational curse is the death and destruction of the people.
     When Jesus came back to live with Me in My heaven after being resurrected from the dead, We sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children who need my power to rid their lives of generational curses.   My Spirit knows how to clean his dwelling place of the demonic spirits.  Give Him free reign to do it.
    Be attentive to My Spirit and do all that He leads you to do.  In doing My will in every matter you are qualified to inherit all of My blessings.  It's worth winning every battle against the devil when he tempts you in your thought.  You have My power.  Use IT.
    Your Loving, Merciful Father

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