Friday, May 5, 2017


Dear One,
   As My child, made in My image, you are a creator in the world, creating good and evil.  In the beginning, before Adam yielded to the devil and allowed evil into the world, My two children only allowed good to be created because they only had My thoughts and attitudes in their minds.  When they yielded to the devil, evil began to enter into their thoughts and attitudes, creating both good and evil in the world by their thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken.  I did not infuse evil spirits into the world.  Eve was deceived into conversing with evil, influencing Adam and then Adam disobeyed Me and opened wide the door to the earth, allowing the rebellious devil and the demons that I threw out of My heaven to take up residence in the earth.  My children were still creators because I created them in My image.  They create their own world by either allowing Me to guide them or by allowing the devil to guide them.  If they do the will of the devil, then their lives are cursed with destruction and death but if they do My will their lives are blessed with an abundant life and soul peace.
   Most of My children are like Eve and don't recognize the evil thoughts as being from hell.  My children consider the evil thoughts in their own minds as their own private territory and they entertain them readily, allowing them to develop into evil attitudes, evil words spoken and evil actions taken, creating destruction in their own lives by not only giving permission to the demons from hell to curse their lives but often telling the evil spirits how to do the destruction.  It's the Adam and Eve scenario all over again every second of every minute of every day in the lives of My children. 
   All is not lost.  Thanks to Jesus Christ, He paid the price required by the devil which is death for the sins of the whole world.  Jesus reversed the power of the destructive curses by being raised from the dead by My Holy Spirit, and giving My Blessed Holy Spirit to My children so that they will have My insight and wisdom to recognize the devil's temptations as what they are, which are words and images that lead to destruction through hatred, anger, judging, lust, lying, discord, strife, jealousy, envy, divisive political beliefs, divisive family practices, powerless religious rituals and other demonic motivations.
   My children who are born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, guided by My Holy Spirit in their thoughts, taught by My Spirit, and those who walk in the light of My Spirit are My children who are qualified to have My kingdom on earth in their lives.  They are qualified because they have chosen the Tree of Life, My Holy Spirit, to be their ever constant help while in the earth.  Jesus died for the sins of everybody but that doesn't result in My children inheriting the valuable gifts that I have set aside for them.   They must have My supernatural power in their lives and be baptized in My kingdom power for them to have the authority to defeat the devil's evil in their lives.
   Until My children learn to recognize the devil's temptations in their minds, they are fresh game for the devil's work to be done in the world through them, and they don't even know it.  They curse their own lives through allowing bad thoughts into their minds which develop into bad attitudes.  Then they speak bitter words and do evil works by often returning evil for evil done to them, doing the opposite of what My Son Jesus taught. (Matthew 5:38-48)  Because they call themselves by My name, they think they can escape the spiritual laws of sowing and reaping. Even though Jesus died for their sins, when they defy My guidance and join with evil thoughts and attitudes, they eventually suffer for the evil seeds they have sown into the devil's garden of curses.  Those seeds produce like plants.
    There is salvation for My children who are led astray by yielding to evil tempting thoughts.  Repenting, which is going a different way and yielding to Me in their thoughts and doing My wise instructions in their lives will restore them to My family and the benefits of My family.  However, just like the Prodigal Son parable, there is often emotional and physical suffering involved because of their time on the pig farm with the devil's family.  Becoming restored to My family is reason for celebrating because they were lost and then they returned to Me in order to be found.
    My children need to know the strategies of their enemy, the devil.  Until they do, they join with him willingly, suffer his curses while in the earth and leave My family treasures behind.  
   I said to choose between good and evil.  That doesn't stop when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit. With the power of My Spirit working in you, you have supernatural power to recognize the devil's temptations in your mind and you have the power to destroy the works of the devil. (Matthew 4:1-14)  My Holy Spirit discerns My voice and He discerns the voice of the devil in your mind.  Refuse the devil's thoughts and then meditate upon My thoughts until you know My will in your life.(Matthew 6:10)
    Your Tutoring, Loving Father     

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