Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
    In My first admonitions to you through Jesus there were many warnings on what to avoid in order not to fall for the deception of the devil in his temptations of you.  I was not only repeating the warnings that I gave through religious laws, but I enlarged upon them in order to explain to you that the temptations come in your thoughts.  For example, I enlarged upon the commandment not to kill by telling you not to become angry with someone because anger is the first step toward wanting to injure or kill someone. (Matthew 5:21-26) Through Jesus I was able to explain to you that anger is from hell and is a temptation to lead you into more serious transgression such as murder and killing.  I have talked to you about that many times in our teaching sessions together. 
   Another admonition given through Jesus that is easily overlooked is the instruction that relates to the commandment that you must not swear falsely.  Jesus expanded further and said that you should not swear by heaven, by earth or by your head or by anything in the earth.   Yet, My children willingly swear by My Instruction Book that something that they say is true.  The reason that I cautioned you not to swear by anything in the earth is that if even one small thing that you swear is not true, ignorantly or purposefully, it opens the door for the devil to judge you for swearing falsely. When you swear by the Bible that something is true, you are waving a flag at the devil like a red flag at a bull, challenging the devil to judge every word from your mouth.  My instruction to you though Jesus was that you should only let your yes be yes and your no be no because anything more comes from evil.  (Matthew 5:33-38) You can affirm that what you say, to the best of your knowledge, is true.  This truth and valuable admonition is only lightly considered by a few of My children.  You must take heed to My instruction through Jesus concerning this truth.  Do not take lightly any of My instructions to you.  They are given in order to assist you in avoiding falling for the evil traps set by the devil to engage you in doing his will in the earth instead of My will in the earth. Doing his will in the earth brings curses into your life but doing My will brings blessings into your life.
   Good fathers give instructions to their children on how to avoid evil traps.  I do the same in every aspect of your life.
    In the same teaching session, Jesus taught you about giving alms.  His warning was to "beware" of practicing your piety before other people because if you do you have no reward from Me.  He said not to tell anyone what amount of money you give in alms because if you brag about your gifts and offerings then you are waving a red flag at the devil to curse your finances.  Bragging comes from pride and pride is the devil's personality trait.  You are in collusion with the deception of the devil when you brag about your gifts, offerings or tithes because you have yielded to his temptation to brag.  My admonition was to not even let yourself know what you give, not letting your left hand know what your right hand grabbed from your wallet to give.  He said that what you give in secret will be seen in secret by Me and rewarded opening, but what you give publicly as a matter of pride has no reward from me, only has the reward of public acclaim.  Give heed to this instruction also and you will receive My rewards for your giving in secret. It will be a secret beween you and Me but I will reward you openly with blessings in your finances.  (Matthew 6:1-6)
   Jesus said that every word that he spoke to you is valuable and that if you want kingdom living in your life in the earth that you must take My advice that I gave through Him and through My new covenant prophets.  They are for your benefit, teaching you how to sow seeds in My kingdom of blessings instead of sowing seeds in the devil's kingdom of curses.
   In the same teachings that Jesus told about things of which you must beware, he said that when you pray that you should not be like the hypocrites who pray in public to be seen by people.  They have their reward, which is the acclaim of people.  I told you to go into your room and pray, and I, who is in secret, will reward you.  Yet, My children still display their prayers publicly with many words in order to be deemed to be religious by the hearers.   They already have their reward.  But when you pray in secret in your house alone, I will reward you because you and I have agreed together in communion with no interference from other people who have no belief.  It is our unity that is important.  When you pray in public you are thinking of words that sound good to the listeners.  When you pray in secret, you are speaking words from your heart that reach My ears and please Me. 
     Avoiding the temptation to display piety in front of people is difficult to do because the devil will tempt other people to persuade you to pray in public or give your gifts and offerings in public so that they can applaud you.  Resist the temptations and avoid situations where religious people entice you to become hypocritical and display your piety before them.  Traps are everywhere.  Avoid them for your peace of mind and your love for Me.
    Stay on the narrow path that leads to righteousness.  Great are your rewards.
    Your Father of Beneficial, Loving Instructions     

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