Monday, May 22, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My main duty as your Loving Father is to help you rid your life of the obstacles which keep you from obtaining your rightful inheritance from Me.  Good earthly fathers do the same.  I, as your Father of unconditional love, have an obligation to My children to instruct, lead, guide, admonish, tutor and shepherd them to the green pastures of peace and rest.  You want to do the same for your children, lead them and teach them how to avoid evil so that they will not bind themselves to evil thoughts, evil attitudes, evil words spoken and evil actions, thus participating in having their lives cursed instead of blessed with your good gifts that you provide for them.  The evil actions that you teach them to avoid are some of the ones that I teach you to avoid.  However, there are more subtle temptations that the devil sends to My children that are unrecognizable and My children yield to them without knowing it.
    Jesus taught about those temptations in His first teaching sessions with My children.  He said that their religious laws told them not to kill or they will be judged, but Jesus said that becoming angry with anyone is a temptation to which you must not yield because if you do yield to that demon that you will be taken before the devil's council and judged until you pay the full price for your actions.  He said that if you become angry and insult a person that you will be in danger of the fires of hell,  In other words, He was saying that the temptations to become angry are from hell and that you will be punished by the very devil who tempted you to become angry if you yield and become angry.  (Matthew 5: 21-26)  Jesus was revealing to you the demonic spirits who are behind killing and they are spirits of anger.  If you refuse the temptation to become angry, then you refuse to participate in insulting anyone, seeking vengeance against anyone and you will not put yourself in a position to be judged by anyone, neither a human nor the devil. 
   Jesus identified to My children the spiritual beings that are behind anger and killing and they are demons from hell.  If you don't yield to their temptations, then you don't put yourself in a position to be judged by them by sowing seeds of anger into the devil's garden of curses. By the power of My Holy Spirit, you must learn to recognize the demonic temptations to become angry with someone, call upon your authoritative power from Me, and cast out the demons of anger from you, casting them into hell.
    Another revelation which you must understand is about judging people.  Jesus taught that the temptation to judge someone comes from the devil.  The devil's strategy is that if he can entice you to judge someone for any reason then you are opening yourself up to be judged also by the demon from whom the temptation came.  You will receive curses from hell in your life because you have yielded to the judgment of the devil.  It's the same result that comes upon you from being angry.  When you judge someone, you are yielding to a temptation from the devil in your thoughts and you place yourself as the judge and jury of the looks, attitudes, actions or words spoken by another person.  The result is that you, yourself, are judged also because you have participated with the devil in his judgments of people.  (Matthew 7:1-5)  I do not judge anyone.  Jesus said He does not judge anyone.  The devil judges and condemns people.  Traps are set for you by the devil in order to tempt you to judge someone so that he can judge you with his curses.  By the revelation of My Holy Spirit you must learn to recognize the thoughts to judge someone so that you can call into action My authoritative power to judge the very demons which tempt you, refusing to obey them but instead casting them out of your life and into hell.
   These truths were hidden from My children by the devil who does not want you to know My truth about the fact that the basis of all negative thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken are from hell, sent to deceive you into joining with the devil in doing his will in the earth.  When you join in doing his will, you stop doing My will in the earth and curses come upon you instead of having My blessings come into your life.  Doing My will in your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken in the earth will produce My blessings flowing from My heaven into your life.  Doing the devil's will through yielding to his temptations will invite curses to flow into your life from hell. 
    It's all so very simple but some of My children still have a veil over their minds which does not allow them to understand My truths.  It takes the wisdom of My Holy Spirit to break through the veil and reveal My truths which make you free from bondage to the devil's curses.  If My children do not submit themselves to My Holy Spirit, then they are powerless against the devil and his curses.  I instructed My children many times in My Instruction Book, the Bible, about the availability of My Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth. (John 14, 15, 16; Acts 1;4-9)  It is the power of My Holy Spirit which gives My children the authority to resist the devil and to cast him out of their thoughts so that they are free of his deception through his temptations and his torments.
    Call into action the authority of My Holy Spirit.  He is eager to assist you in giving you My power to cast out demons from the tempting thoughts in your mind.  Just like you would call the policemen who have the authority to arrest thieves who come into your earthly house, you also have the authority to use the power of my Holy Spirit to cast out of My temple in the earth, which is your body, any offending demon who is temping you to do the devil's will in the earth. 
   Call into action the authority you have in the power of My Holy Spirit every time a tempting thought enters into your mind.  Give no place to the devil, but immediately cast out a tempting thought and send the demon to hell who is behind the tempting thought.  Do not give one minute of thought to temptations in your thoughts.  They are sent to curse your life.
   My angels come to minister to you after you refuse a temptation just like they did with Jesus.  (Matthew 4:11)  My kingdom comes upon the people who win a battle with the devil.  (Luke 11:20)
   Call upon My authority when every temptation comes to your mind. Exercise My authority in casting out the demons and you will enjoy My kingdom coming into your life.  (Matthew 6:20)
    Your Loving, Protective Father

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