Monday, May 8, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    My objective from the beginning was that My children would subdue the earth, having dominion over it like the caretakers that I created them to be.  After evil was allowed by the first man to enter their domain, My children relinquished their authority in the earth to evil beings called the devil and his demons.  They do it by listening to his voice in their thoughts and by doing his will instead of doing My will.  That is why Jesus called the devil the prince of this world. (John 12:31) I did not crown him prince of this world.  My children do by listening to his temptations and obeying them.  They make him the ruler of their life instead of listening to Me as their loving Father and doing My will. 
    As I said to you before, I devised a workable plan and through that plan I made it possible for Me, in the person of My Holy Spirit, to enter into the lives of My willing children and set up residence in them, restoring to them My authority in the earth. (I Corinthians 6:19-20) We are one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It is through My presence in the lives of My children that My plan is possible to reclaim the earth for My children, restoring it as it was at the beginning, blessed with My guidance instead of being cursed with the devil's guidance.  The prerequisite is that My children follow My guidance instead of always following the guidance of the evil one. 
   One of the most valuable keys to My kingdom is that My children always forgive others as I forgive them.  The key is to love others as I love you, unconditionally. Jesus spoke of those keys on many occasions.  My Holy Spirit gives you the ability to forgive others as He shines the light of revelation on the real culprit in any disagreement, that being the devil who is tempting the person to oppose you.  You have the power to forgive and love with My forgiveness and My love when you are led by My Spirit.  When you forgive and love others as I forgive and love you, My kingdom of love is given precedence in the earth and you are participating in redeeming the world. 
   One of the most dastardly ways that the kingdom of evil maintains lordship in the earth is by tempting My children to treat My other children with evil words and actions, becoming agents of the devil.  They oppose others and refuse to forgive others, seeking vengeance as led by the devil.  They become angry, filled with hatred and bitterness, which is the personality of the devil.  They dominate, kill, instigate wars, judge and prejudge in the name of nationalism and think that it is My will.  It's not My will.  It's the character of the devil.  They hold grudges and bind themselves to the devil instead of forgiving others. They are blinded to their deeds which curse their own lives, even though My Son Jesus identified the works of evil so clearly.  He taught that participating with evil will bring evil actions and reactions back upon your life.  Some of My children are ignorant of My character and they are also ignorant of the devil's character.
    The key to regaining the earth, as is My will for My children, is to always be led by My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you if you have invited Him.  He is Lord in the earth if you will allow Him to be.  (II Corinthians 3:17-18) He will lead you to forgive others and unconditionally love others.  He will teach you to refuse the tempting thoughts of the devil to do any works of evil to other people by thoughts, attitudes, words spoken or actions taken.  He will teach you to treasure other people and edify them, just like I do. 
   Another key to regaining the earth for My kingdom of love is for you to allow My tutor, the Holy Spirit, to teach you how to only war against the devil and his demons with the power of My Spirit and His army of angels.  (Ephesians 6:10-18) My Spirit will identify evil thoughts, teaching you to cast them out of your mind and into hell.   My Spirit will anoint you with My creative prayer language through which I send strategic commands to My angels on how to answer the prayers of My children and how to defeat the evil that has caused the need.  Every one of My words spoken through your mouth in My prayer language defeats the works of evil in your life and in the lives of your family members, your friends, your acquaintances and yes, even your perceived human enemies.  They are supernatural words with supernatural intents, being My words spoken through your mouth because you are allowing Me to have authority in your world again.
   We can claim the world again for My kingdom of love.  I need your full participation and cooperation.  I need your will, first of all, to be one with My will.  I need your obedience in casting out demonic temptations from your mind and from the earth.  I need you to love others as I love you.  I need you to forgive others as I forgive you.  I need you to pray in the Holy Spirit in an effort to defeat all the works of the devil in your life.  I need you to walk in My Spirit so that you will not fulfill the passions of the devil who works in your flesh.
    The earth is yours, My child.  Reclaim it for the Kingdom of Love with the power of My Holy Spirit.
     Your Father of Love

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