Friday, May 12, 2017


Dear One,
   Even though negative genes are in a person's DNA, meaning his or her cell makeup, it is possible to eliminate them from your life.  We talked about resisting some of them and they will eventually leave you because you have not given them a chance to act through you and control your life.  We have also talked in the  past about casting them down to hell when the temptation comes into your thoughts to yield to their thoughts, attitudes, words spoken or activities.  One example is the demon or the generational curse of lust.  Lust is one of the most deceptive of the demons because lust manifests itself with many different faces. 
   Sexual lust is not the only way that lust manifests itself in temptations in the minds of My children because it has been passed down from generation to generation.  Sexual lust is deemed as being normal to some people because it is so close to basic desires.  Sexual lust is not normal because it is extreme.  The devil works in extremes, taking what is good that I created and taking it to an extreme.  Sexual lust manifests itself in persistent dreams, thoughts, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, persistent sexual images in the mind and other compulsive behavior that must be satisfied before a person can be temporarily free of the abnormal desires. Sexual compulsions can be a generational curse passed down through families from generation to generation.  Its behavior is thought to be normal instead of abnormal, even though shame and guilt often accompany the lust.  The devil loves to tempt My children with his demonic extremes and then shames and condemns them for carrying out his temptations. (Matthew 5:27-30)  Condemned lives is what he provides for My children
     There are lusts of many kinds which are just as deceptive as sexual lust.  Lust for power is one which does the most damage in your world because lust for power is the demon which allows satan to control a large number of people, which is satan's desire.  Lust for power over people and control over others comes from the demon of pride and will lead to a huge fall from the adoration of others that it craves because lust is never satisfied and will reveal itself eventually as what it is, demonic in nature.  Lust for power is never satisfied until the person controls others to the point of domination and bondage.  It can happen in relationships, in families, in organizations, in churches and in governmental entities called politics.  Jesus warned about the lust for power of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites because the object of their words and actions is to dominate and control instead of free My children.  He said that if My children heed their words and obey them that they will also inherit their woes, which is being dominated and controlled because the people who lust for power over others are already dominated and controlled by the demons of lust from hell and those demons want to dominate more and more people through them. (Matthew 23:13-29)  If you bind yourself to them, then you inherit their demonic curses.
   Gluttony comes from the demon of lust.  Greed comes from the demon of lust.  Hoarding of things comes from the demon of lust.  All of the temptations of lust come from hell in order to dominate you with uncontrolled desires for food, money or things.  The desires that come from lust can never be satisfied and you become in bondage to the demon of lust.
   There is good news to My children who are in bondage to sexual lust, lust for power, lust for money, lust for material goods, lust for food, lust for wine or any other compulsion.  The good news is that My Holy Spirit has been sent to earth to live in you to cast out those demons of lust and replace them with My characteristics of love, peace and freedom from the lusts of the flesh.  My Holy Spirit has My authority and power to cast out those demons from oppressed people and to replace those demons with My loving characteristics.   It is an exchange of power, replacing the bondage to demons of lust with My power of freedom and love. Old lusts pass away and all things become new.
   Always remember that Jesus said when He casts out demons by the power of My Holy Spirit that My Kingdom of love comes upon the person. (Luke 11:20) That is what happens when My children are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, an actual exchange of power takes place, exchanging My power of freedom for the devil's power of bondage in the life of a person.
   I identified in My Instruction Book called the Bible all of the offending demons which live in people through generational curses. (Galatians 5:16-26) I gave in the same Book the antidote for their toxic poisons and told you that My Holy Spirit is the only power that can defeat the demon of lust with its many faces.  My Spirit is the power that casts out lust and leaves the person free from its bondage.
   I provide freedom from lust, from curses, from obsessions, from compulsions and from all offending demons.  After I empower you to cast them out, I replace them with My Spirit of Love which builds you up in power and might against all compulsions from hell, empowering you to be free of all guilt and condemnation.
   I am your Father of Love.  Allow Me to free you from generational curses and then love and validate you through My Holy Spirit.
   Your Father of Love and Freedom

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