Sunday, May 7, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Jesus said that I am not the judge of My children.  (John 5:22; John 8:15) He said that He does not judge people.   However, He did judge demonic spirits which afflicted people when He walked the earth, which freed the people from the judgment of the devil. (John 5:30) The devil is the judge of My children ever since the first man relinquished his own dominion in the earth, turning it over to the devil.  The devil tempts My children and then he judges them by making them suffer the consequences of obeying his will.  Jesus said that My children would judge the demons. 
     Look at the succession of judgmental actions:
    1. Before I created the world, I judged the devil for trying to usurp My power in My heaven.  I judged him and his angels of darkness by casting them out of My heaven. To usurp is to take the place of someone in power by force or deception, which is the basic nature of evil.
    2.The devil gained access to the earth by usurping the authoritative power of My first two children in the earth, deceiving them and entering the earth to roam freely, tempting My children and then judging them with the consequences of obeying his will.
    3.I legally sent My Son Jesus into the world by having Him born of a woman.  He did not enter illegally by deception like the devil did, but He became Son of Man/Son of God. He had authority over everything in the world and He also had My spiritual authority in the earth over all evil beings through the power of My Holy Spirit in Him.
    4.Jesus Christ died for the sins of the entire world, all of the ones which the devil tempts people to do, and He paid the devil's judgmental price of death on the cross and then being sent to hell by the devil for the sins of the whole world. It was My plan from the beginning and it succeeded.  The devil was deceived by My plan.  After Jesus paid the price to satisfy the devil's judgment of all people, He rose from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit and He eventually came back to heaven to live with Me. 
    5. The salvation of My children and the earth began when We sent the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead into the earth to live inside of My children who have a need for supernatural power to defeat evil in their lives the way Jesus did when He walked the earth and when He rose from the dead. (John 12:47) My children who believe in My true salvation become born of My Holy Spirit, baptized in My Holy Spirit, empowered by My Holy Spirit, and again have authority in the earth to defeat the works of the evil.  It is as it was in the beginning of the earth except for one thing.  Now My children have My Spirit living inside of them, giving them explosive and authoritative power to destroy the works of evil, judging the demons by casting them out of the earth, just as I did when I sent them out of My heaven, and sending them to hell.  (I Corinthians 6:2-3) 
    6.My children who are the temples of My Holy Spirit with all of the authoritative power of My Holy Spirit and with My angelic hosts at their command have all of My power in the earth that I gave to them, the same power that I have in My heaven. They again have dominion over the earth plus now they have My authority to overcome evil and to send the evil spiritual usurpers of power, the demons from hell, back to their original dwelling place. (John 16:11; I Corinthians 6:2-3))
    7.Very often, My children belittle the power of My Spirit, refusing to believe the words of Jesus when He said that they would do greater works than He did in the earth.  He came to be with Me and sent My Very Own Power into them, the same spiritual power that created the world and people, the same power that created Jesus, healed the sick through Him, cast out demons, performed miracles and catapulted Him out of hell back into the earth and then into My heaven.  THE VERY SAME POWER IS IN YOU if you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.
    Your world is waiting for you to realize that you are My child, endued with My power to have dominion over the earth again, casting out the demons whom you have allowed to run freely in your earthly home, the ones who afflict you and others of My children with their judgmental temptations and actions.   You have dominion over them with the authority to cast them out of your earth just like I cast them out of My heaven.  Yet, My children put up with the temptations and the judgments of the devil because they deny My Holy Spirit His power in their lives and in the earth.  (Romans 8:22-27)      
    Many of My children deny My Spirit of Love the opportunities to love others through them.  Instead of forgiving freely, loving freely, encouraging freely and being merciful to everyone, My children judge others at the instructions of the devil, doing his will by judging and condemning others in the world instead of doing My will, which is forgiving everyone and edifying everyone with kind words.  And so where are the greater works of love? (John 13:34-35)
    Many of My children are like the Jews were when Jesus told them to wait for My power to come upon them. (Acts 1:4-11) They wanted the power to elevate their country to be the greatest in the world instead of wanting My power to overcome the evil in the world which afflicts themselves and other people.  They weren't interested in having power over evil in the world, they wanted power over people, which is demonically inspired.  It's the same today.  Many of My children are politically motivated instead of spiritually motivated.  I do have a remnant, as I have always had, of believers whose nationality is in My heavenly kingdom of love instead of in an earthly political kingdom of strife, control, division, discord and hatred of others.
   My true children are called to love others as I love them, to cast out demons from themselves and others, to heal the sick, to bind up the brokenhearted and to let all captives of demons go free from their torment. 
   My Holy Spirit's power is given to defeat the devil's work in the world, just like the works of Jesus did.  (I John 3:8; John 14:12)  
   Who is your judge?  It's the devil which was given the authority by Adam to judge the earth. (Genesis 3:14-21) But you have My power in the Holy Spirit to judge him instead of allowing the devil to tempt you to do his will and then to judge you.  My words teach you how to judge spirits as either being good or bad spirits.  Listen to My Spirit and His gift of discernment.  Then judge the evil ones by casting them out of the earth and into hell.
   You have My power.  Use is against the devil's works in the earth.
    Your Power Giving Father                  

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