Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The very word "gene" comes from the word "generation".  Science and religion both agree that a person's character (personality) comes from family generations of the past, being programmed into the children of each generation.  The positive family traits come from My family of love and the negative traits come from the devil's family of curses.  In other words, the knowledge of the tree of good and evil has taken up residence in the lives of every human who is born in the earth.  No member of any family in the earth gets all of the demonic traits and no family in the earth gets all of My virtuous traits.  Some parents, through either the self discipline of resisting negative traits or being renewed by My Holy Spirit, are able to negate the negative genes and multiply the positive ones.  Sometimes, a person's experiences allow that person to resist his own negative traits from hell and build up the positive traits from My heaven.
   Yes, there are generational curses which plague families in the earth.  Those curses are the negative family traits which are programmed into every generation of some families which cause constant turmoil, chaos, conflict, division and discord in each generation.  The conflict never stops because the devil never stops using the demons which are passed down from each generation into the next one.  Every generation multiplies the conflict until it results in destruction and death in one of the generations.  You can only imagine the destruction that has been done in every generation by the demons that have been passed down from generation to generation.  The generational curses are actually a certain classification of demons which are referred to by scientists as genes and they multiply the devil's evil in the world with each generation.
   The good news is that Jesus Christ died so that those demons which cause generational curses can be cast out of My children and sent to hell from where they came.  When a person is born of My Holy Spirit, one of the first actions of My Holy Spirit in the life of that person is to clean His new temple, chasing out all negative genes, or demons as I know them to be.  I said that all things become new.  My Spirit cannot live in a temple that has conflict, anger, chaos, hatred, prejudice, turmoil, division and discord as its furnishings.  My Holy Spirit does a good house cleaning in order for all things to become new in the life of the person.  There are new motivations, new thoughts, new attitudes, new words and new actions immediately because My positive, loving, peaceful character traits are infused into the person who is newly born of My Holy Spirit.  He or she is truly a new creature in Christ Jesus. (John 15:1-7)
    The devil does not give up easily.  The demons that he put in a family originally but have been cast out by My Spirit will roam the earth looking for a resting place and they prefer to return back to their former residence. (Matthew 12:43-45) I said that the demons look for opportunities to return to a member of the family which has been born of My Spirit because it is familiar territory and those demons can manifest their curses much more easily in that person and perpetuate the same generational curses again and again.  They see that one of the temples of My Holy Spirit has been swept clean and they create a situation in which they can enter again into the person.  If they are allowed to enter, I said that the condition of the person is worse than it was before welcoming My Holy Spirit to live in himself or herself. 
    From that day forward, for the person who has allowed the demons of generational curses to reenter him or her, it is necessary for the person
to seek Me and I will reveal to him or her how to chase out the generational demons again.  I said to submit yourself to Me, to resist the devil and he will flee. Submitting yourself to My Holy Spirit's wisdom is necessary for protection and power to be manifested in you.  Yes, I told you that there are many ways, the first of which is to submit to Me and then resist the devil's temptations to do evil actions which begin with evil thoughts.  The demons have to manifest their ways or they are ineffective in the devil's work in the lives of people.  When My children repeatedly resist obeying the temptations to return to doing evil, the demons will have to leave as commanded and they will leave the person.  That generational curse will be powerless in that particular family because of the power of My Holy Spirit in resisting the temptations.   My children must listen to My Spirit when He alerts to a temptation as being what it is, the devil wanting to return to its former human body so that it can manifest its evil in the life of the person and in succeeding generations again.
    Keeping a continuing communion or conversation with Me in your thoughts is one of the keys to My kingdom of love being present in your life.   (Psalm 143:5; Psalm 19:14)   The demons that were generational curses in your life from the past cannot re-enter your thoughts and mind when your thoughts are on Me and My works in your behalf.  I told you what to think upon in My Instruction Book. (James 3:13-18; Philippians 4:8) 
    When My generational blessings are present in your life, in your thoughts, our attitudes, your words spoken and your actions taken, you are blessed above and beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.  My kingdom of love comes to earth in your life. 
    Resist the generational demons and their temptations to return into your spiritual and human DNA. 
    My benefits of bountiful blessings for you come from My deep and abiding love for you.  It's worth having My DNA of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance in your thoughts and attitudes. 
    Your Peace Loving Father                        

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