Saturday, May 13, 2017


Dear One,
   My Constitution and Bylaws relating to your being an inhabitant of My kingdom of love are included in My Instruction Book where I outlined the benefits of your being My child.  I said through My Holy Spirit that you should make your entire body a living sacrifice to Me which is true spiritual worship. (Romans 12:1)  Remembering that Jesus said that My children worship Me in Spirit and in truth, the explanation of My Holy Spirit relating to that instruction from My Son is that your entire being should be made by you a living sacrifice to Me, allowing Me to cleanse every aspect of your physical body, your mental faculties and your emotional actions and reactions to things that go on around you.  Until you do, you cannot be rid of the generational curses that rule your life, the emotional outbursts that react to being offended or opposed or the random temptations of the devil.  Your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken will be contrary to Mine unless you know Me and My instructions to you.  If they are contrary to Mine, then they are in line with the will of the evil one who is still the prince of your world since Adam allowed him into it.  When you intimately know Me, knowing every aspect of  My character, being acquainted with all of My instructions to you, and knowing your rights as My child, then you are acquainted with the Constitution and Bylaws of My kingdom and you are able to be victorious in life over the evil that is in the world.
     There is only one way to be a living sacrifice to Me and that is by your allowing My Holy Spirit to transform or reprogram your mind to My will in your life instead of your mind being programmed by the generational curses called human genes, or by the training of your parents or by your experiences in life which include your learning of religious and secular educational beliefs.  All of those are often filled with demonic tenets instead of My truths.  The good news is that I can completely transform your mind by the Holy Spirit teaching you My perfect will in every thought, attitude, words spoken and actions taken.  (Romans 12: 2) When you know My will in every matter, having had your mind transformed by My Spirit, then you won't be a victim of the deception of the devil, whether by generational curses, family programming or toxic religious lies about Me.
    The transformation of your mind begins with your willingness to allow My Holy Spirit to be your tutor, your personal one-on-one teacher from the inside of you who explains to you the written truths spoken by Jesus and by the prophets who speak for Me.  When I said to make your body a living sacrifice, that is what I meant, that you make it your will to be transformed by Me.  My Holy Spirit can take one or two words of truth written in My Instruction Book and explode it in your mind, freeing you from bondage to untruths and evil lies about Me and My family of love.  From the inside of you, My Spirit can erase the lies taught to you by unenlightened religious institutions and enlighten you with My truths which free you from religious idols and create My light inside of you, making you the light of the world that I desire.  (Matthew 5:14-16)
   Jesus was the first light of the world because He only listened to Me.  He was only taught by My Holy Spirit.  All lies, partial truths and untruths taught to him by the religious institutions became toxic fodder which He cast away and My valuable teaching to Him became flesh as He became My fleshly image in the world.  He was My light in a dark world. (John 8:12)  My desire for you is that you become My light in a dark world and it can only happen by the renewing of your mind, having it transformed with My truths, wisdom, insight and revelations taught by Me as accomplished by your reliance on My Holy Spirit.
   If My children don't know My Instruction Book, My New Testament truths that I wrote to them after they were spoken by Jesus, then they don't know the Constitution and Bylaws of My kingdom of love and they are sheep for the evil one to deceive and lead astray.  But allowing My Holy Spirit to personally transform your mind will allow Me to make Myself real to you, making My will known to you and remaking you into My image in the world so that people will see Me for My true nature of love and glorify Me as their Loving Father.
   The transforming of your mind is necessary for you to have heaven on earth.  My Kingdom of Love will come upon you and in you by the teaching of My Holy Spirit.  He is poised and ready to personally teach you.  Are you ready to learn from Him so that you will be free from evil and have kingdom living while in the earth? 
  If so, then take time to commune with My Spirit in your prayer closet.  He waits for you, eager and willing to begin to fulfill His desire to enlighten you with all truth. 
  Your Tutoring, Blessing Father  

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