Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Dear One,
    One of the most deceptive strategies of the evil one is that he  introduces family demons into families so they will become curses passed down from generation to generation in the lineage of My children.  The power of the deception is that My children think that the evil actions and reactions are normal because their parents and grandparents had the same evil ways of handling things or they have health curses which are perceived as being in their heritage and must be endured.  There is nothing further from the truth in thinking that a person is powerless against the family curses.  There is power available.
   Let's look at generational curses.  For instance, anger is perceived as being a badge of honor in certain families because their angry outbursts are just like daddy's or mommy's or grandpa's and anger is a characteristic of everyone in the family. The demon of anger is what binds them together because they share a common characteristic. 
   The same is true about the human characteristics of abuse.  The family gene of abusing others is often handed down from generation to generation.  It becomes normal as a family characteristic and therefore My children are powerless against it until truth becomes revealed to them that Jesus Christ came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and My Holy Spirit's power can completely save a person from the abuse demon which delights in hurting, maiming, disfiguring and killing another person.  The abuse characteristic is demonic in origin and is subject to the power of My Holy Spirit's authority in casting it out of the earth and into hell.
   The generational curses go all the way back in human family lineage to the devil's desire to dominate and destroy My children.  As seen in the first family that inhabited the earth, the demons of jealousy, anger and killing caused one brother to kill another brother over such a stupid thing as a sacrifice. Jealous and anger tempted Cain and I told him that he must master them.  He did not master them, and demons of anger and jealousy controlled him, causing him to kill his brother.  Sibling rivalry entered into families at that time. Jealousy, anger and killing entered into Cain and were passed down through every generation of his children as family curses, all as a result of that incident.(Genesis 4:1-7)  Even the ground was cursed and would not yield good crops for Cain because of his having yielded to the demons of jealousy, anger and killing. (Genesis 4:10-12) That was not My desire, but it was the desire of the devil to curse My children through their family heritage.
    Because family demons are so disguised, My children also have a hard time mastering them, as I commanded Cain to do. Because of the demonic hold on My children because of generational curses, My children need the power of My Holy Spirit to master the temptations and to cast the demons out of the family and out of the earth.  Only My Holy Spirit has the spiritual power to force the obedience of the demons because of their familiar presence in the lives of My children.  The authority of people is not powerful enough to force the demons to obey.  That is why My children need to be merciful to people who are controlled by demonic generational curses.  The people are slaves to the passions of the demons and need My supernatural power to cast the demons out of themselves, out of their families and into hell.
    Generational curses are real.  It's just like blue eyes or brown eyes which are prominent in a family, the generational curses are just as real.  The deception is the lie that nothing can be done about them. Now there are many cures and corrections for generational curses.  The first key is in identifying them.  That can be done by the discernment of My Holy Spirit to you.  Then resisting them is one way to defeat them.  If you resist obeying their temptations, then they will leave and tempt someone else. (James 4:7) If you cannot resist them, as Cain could not, then you need My power to overcome them.  Pray, commune with me and ask for My Holy Spirit's assistance in casting them out of yourself and into hell. (II Corinthians 10:5) 
   Cast out every thought that is contrary to My will for your life.  Those evil thoughts are from hell and want to take you down the road to destruction just like the demons did to Cain. 
   The way is wide that leads to destruction.  (Matthew 6: 13-14)  Keep only the thoughts in your mind that are loving, peaceful, kind and edifying.  Those are My generational blessings that lead to the abundant life for you.  My ways bring My kingdom to earth in your life.  (Matthew 6:10)
    Your Father of Blessings     

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