Sunday, May 14, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We have referred to generational curses and they are actually weaknesses in character that are passed down from generation to generation in families which make the lives of the people in the family miserable because they are negative traits.  They are demonic in origin because the origin goes all the way back to Adam's allowing the devil to enter into the earth with his curses.  Those traits are passed down and it is through them that the devil continues to curse all of the people in the human families. 
   There are good traits that are positive generational character traits that are also passed down from generation to generation that enhance the lives of every person in a family.  Those are called virtuous character traits.  They are righteous actions that has been learned from Me by someone because that person has wanted to become like Me, peaceful, loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, gracious, good, patient, joyful and forbearing. 
   Only through becoming intimately acquainted with Me and having intimate communion with Me through My Holy Spirit can My children be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can know My will in all things and be able to do My will.  I said that if a person loves Me that he or she will keep My commands, which means that he or she will  treasure My advice so much that they will do what I admonish them to do because they know that if they sow good seeds of righteousness into My kingdom of love that they will grow righteous, loving plants and those virtues will bring My heaven to their lives on earth. (Matthew 6:10)  When that happens, righteousness is passed down from generation to generation and the lives of those people who do My will can also have My kingdom living evident in their lives.  No curses will enter into My children who follow My guidance but instead only My blessings will overtake them.
    Generational curses are real.  You call them negative genes.  Unfortunately, My children think that they are powerless over those curses because their family has always acted in negative ways and it's in their genetic makeup.  They are right in one way.  It is impossible to change them with human abilities.  However, with the power of My Holy Spirit, He guarantees to change the negative traits into positive traits with your permission because My Spirit drives out the negative spiritual genes and replaces them with My righteous traits because the person is a member of a new family, My family of love, peace and righteousness.  I told you to seek first My kingdom and My righteousness and everything good will be added to your life. (Matthew 6:33)
    In My Instruction Book the negative generational curses that were cast out of people were called demons because they are spiritual beings.  Negative genes are real spiritual beings from hell which have negative traits of their own built into them which are passed on from generation to generation in people.  If you view them with a microscope you will see that they are living and moving, always active.  They are spirits which curse family members, making them angry, disagreeable, abusive, domineering, controlling, divisive, proud, hateful, lying, mean and other destructive traits.  Ony with Me as a new Father of the person can there be a true born of the Holy Spirit transformation by My chasing out the old generational curses and placing My virtues within the new creature. (II Corinthians 5:17) The person is a new creation, re-created by My Holy Spirit as a member of My family of love and peace.  Their motivations change and all things become new.
   When a person invites the generational demons back into his or her life after being born of My Spirit, sometimes other demonic spirits can also enter.  My Holy Spirit can give the person insight into getting rid of those spirits with their negative traits of evil thoughts, attitudes and actions.  He will give you the power to recognize them and then resist their temptations to do evil in you or through you.  Seeking My righteousness always results in cleansing you of the generational curses that plague your life.  (Luke 11:23-26)   Returning to Me with your whole heart and receiving My wisdom on how to be free from the evil spirits will be given to you.  Sometimes fasting the temptations is what is necessary to break their hold.  In that instance they will leave by prayer and fasting.
    Be conscious of generational curses which plague your human family.  Refuse to follow their guidance and instead be guided by My Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth, including how to resist the demons who foster generational curses in human families. 
   My truth always sets you free.  I said that you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. (John 8:32)
   Your Truth Speaking Father

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