Sunday, May 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You are eager to protect your home from thieves.  Some of My children buy alarm systems, put iron bars on windows and doors or buy vicious attack dogs, all in an effort to protect their earthly belongings from being carted off by thieves and robbers.   That is wisdom.  Anything to keep someone from robbing from you and taking all of your valuables is considered wisdom. 
   However, there are more subtle thieves whom you allow to take more valuable things from you, your peace, your joy, your love and your mercy.  Those thieves are called the devil and his demons. (John 10:10) They are spirits and they are not visible to the human eyes, but they are more insidious in their plans, their methods and their actions.  They often live inside of you in your generational DNA, the negative character traits passed down from your relatives.  Because they live inside of you, their ability to curse your life is easy.  For instance, let's say that you family has in its DNA a gene of addiction that is passed from parents to children for generations.  Some children in that family will never yield to the temptations of the addiction demon and their lives are not ruled by addictions.  There will be other children in the family who are not spiritually or emotionally strong enough to refuse the temptations to become addicted to alcohol or drugs and so they succumb to temptations of the demon of addiction as a way of escaping life's problems.  They lose their families, their jobs, their homes, their reputations and the respect of others.  So the devil, the thief, has stolen everything from them.  Often their addictions kill them or they kill themselves at the temptation of the devil. And so the prophesy of Jesus relating to the devil and his works is fulfilled, they come to steal, kill and destroy.   Everything in the life of the person has been destroyed.  It all started with a generational curse, which you often call a gene, which was passed down into a person's DNA from his parents, his grandparents, and all the way back to the first man.
   There are other generational curses through which the devil works in the lives of My children.  One is a generational curse of anger, another is lust, another is greed. another is judgment of others, another is gluttony, another is strife, another is jealousy, another is envy, another is laziness, another is domination, another is immorality, and on and on.  They are opposite to My characteristics that come from My unconditional love. (Galatians 5:16-25) 
   Very often if a person comes from a religious background, controlling generational genes will be the demons of judgment and condemnation.  Instead of being bound to My Holy Spirit who will lead them to constantly forgive others as I forgive them, the people in that family are bound to religious laws which cause them to constantly judge and condemn others.  In return, the people will be judged, themselves, by the same measure that they judge others because they have sown seeds of judgment into the devil's garden of evil.  The generational religious demon will see that they are judged.  My children must be careful to whom they bind themselves because they will be judged by the same demons as their idols.   
   There is always help available.  I said that Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  (I John 3:8)  Jesus, Himself, said that He came to earth to give an abundant life to My children and to restore everything that the devil steals from them.  That is good news.  It is the best news.  It is glorious news.  It is called the Gospel, the Good News.
   My method of saving you from the works of evil in the world and from the works of evil in your generations heritage is for you to have the same power in your life that Jesus had.  He had the spiritual, supernatural authority and power of My Holy Spirit in His heritage to resist the temptations of the devil.  He also had the power to cast demons out of people.  When My Holy Spirit is allowed to live in My children at their invitation, He does the same things through them that He did through Jesus Christ, destroys the works of the devil.  He even does more, as Jesus said He would do.  He restores to My children all of their valuables that have been stolen from them by the evil one.  He restores love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance to their personalities.  Those are My personal characteristics and they call forth My kingdom to become real in the lives of My children.  All of My goodness is restored to My children who become One with Me through My Holy Spirit and all things become new and abundantly blessed.  (John 17:20-23)
  Become led by My Holy Spirit, walking in the footsteps of My Holy Spirit, and you will be known to the heavenly hosts as My child, an heir to all of My blessings.  My children are the people who do My will in the earth, My will of loving others as I love them, My will of always forgiving others, My will of blessings others instead of cursing them, My will of never returning evil for evil done to them, but instead they return good for evil.  My children are guided by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit so that all things stolen from them will be restored to them 100 times over.
   Always trust the Good News to manifest works of goodness and kindness in your life when you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:12-14; 26-28) Then all things will work together for your good because My kingdom has come into your life.
   Your Father of Restoration   

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