Saturday, May 6, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   In the beginning when I created the earth I intended it to be a duplicate of My heaven, occupied by My precious children who would be in charge of it, taking My advice and tending it as I intended.  Their earth would be a beautiful place, a duplicate of My heaven. (Genesis 1)  You would do the same for your children, give them a home and then teach them how to care for it, just like you care of your home.  However, My first children became deceived by some evil alien spirits and My first son Adam allowed the evil spirits to enter into the world that I had created solely for My children.  The same thing often happens in the earth with people whose children become deceived by ruffians and allow them to enter into their homes and destroy the beautiful home the father legally signed over to his children. 
   The problem for My own children is that the demonic spirits that Adam allowed into the earth flooded their earth with their rebellious angelic spirits whom I had cast out of My heaven at one time because of their plans to pollute My heaven.  Those demonic spirits, called the devil and his demons, had waited to get revenge upon Me for casting them out of My heaven, so they decided to seek revenge for My actions by deceiving My first child and then invading his earth with their evil, bringing curses with them.  Their efforts at cursing the earth and My first two children was immediate and the beautiful earth ceased being the reflection of My heaven that I had created.  My children also became cursed with generational demonic curses which they passed down to their children, one of which was anger and killing, to which one of the first offspring of My two children yielded to the demon of jealousy and killed his own brother. (Genesis 3:13-19; Genesis 4: 3-16) 
    You can search the scriptures in My Instruction Book and identify the succession of evil demons which entered the earth starting with shame, guilt and condemnation when My first two children hid from Me after they had disobeyed My valuable advice to them.  Those evil spirits began to tempt My first two children immediately and then the number of evil demons escalated in taking over the earth until jealousy and killing manifested itself in the first offspring of My original two children.  Instead of My angels flooding the world, demonic spirits flooded the world and the rest is history.
    I could not leave My children in the mess that they had made for themselves by yielding their wills to the devil.  Because the devil is the father of destruction and death, he still deceives My children into doing his will in the earth.  I sent My Son Jesus into the world to redeem the earth and allow it to again become the beautiful place that I had created.  Jesus died for the sins of the world, for everyone who had ever refused My advice and chosen to obey the voice of the devil who tempts them in their thoughts.  The devil, being the father of death, has the power to bring death to My children who sin because the first man gave the devil the authority to do it. 
   You know the story about the incarnation of Jesus who was both man and God, and you know the story of his ministry in the earth to heal the sick, to cast out the demons who were tormenting My children, to do miracles in the earth, and then He died for the sins of the whole world, satisfying the devil's plan to put to death anyone who followed his will.  He suffered the temptations of every demon in hell while he was on the cross and he went to hell for the sins of the world, and then He rose from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit.   When He came back to heaven to live with Me, He sent My powerful Holy Spirit into the world to be received by My children who believed in Him.  It is through My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit that I can restore the earth to its original glory by casting the demons out of the earth and into hell.
    Jesus Christ said that He did not come to earth to judge and condemn the world.  Instead, He came into the world to save the world. (John 3:16:17)  He also said that when I sent My Holy Spirit into the world that My Spirit would do greater works than Jesus did.  My children need to wake up from their religious sleep and allow My Spirit to take the veil off of their eyes so that it will be revealed to them that My Holy Spirit has My complete authority in the earth today.  It is through Him that the salvation of the world will come through My obedient children. (Romans 8:20-27).  My Holy Spirit hovered over the earth at the beginning and it was through Him that the world was created.  Of course it will be through My power in Him  that the earth will be redeemed.  (Genesis 1:1)
    My children must be led by My Spirit to love everyone and to dedicate themselves to pray in My Spirit the way Jesus did, all night if necessary, and then their little corner of the earth will again be blessed as it was at the beginning of the world,  The more of My children who become My righteousness in the earth and are led by My Spirit, praying in My Spirit on all occasions, the more the spread of salvation in the earth will increase.
   If My Holy Spirit lives in you, then you are called to be one of My children who needs the revelation from My Spirit that you are filled with power to defeat every work of the devil in your life, in your family and your place in the world.  Let it spread like the fire of My Spirit always does, igniting everyone with the Spirit of Love.
   You are called.  Answer the call to be My true child in the earth through whom the Holy Spirit can redeem and save the world from the works of evil.  Seek to become My righteousness, to be led by My Spirit and also to pray in the Spirit on every occasion with thanksgiving. Then watch My work escalate in your behalf.
   Your Powerful Father of Love

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