Saturday, May 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Yes, there are negative traits in your DNA which work against you instead of for you.  Some families have generational curses that are anger genes which cause the people to always erupt in unnecessary anger when even mildly opposed.  Some have lust genes which cause the people to have a desire for excess sex, for excess power, for an excess of money, for an excess of attention or for an excess of material things.  Some families have drunkenness genes which crave alcoholic beverages to excess until the person is out of control emotionally, logically and physically.  Some families have poverty genes which do not allow family members to ever get ahead financially either by laziness or irresponsibility.  Some families have vengeance genes which don't allow the family members to forgive and make peace with everyone.  Some family members have unclean genes which cause the family members to always seek uncleanness in body, soul and spirit with disarray, dirtiness in mind and body.  Some families have genes of conflict which tempt family members to always enjoy chaos in family relationships through arguing, disagreeing, opposing each other, fighting with each other and injuring each other.  All of those negative traits in the DNA of the family members will not allow My children to exhibit the fruit of My Spirit, which are My DNA characteristics of righteousness.
   Even though My children are born with some of the negative DNA characteristics of the devil, all is not lost.  There is salvation available to My children from the negative genes, which are the works of the devil.  There are positive genes of righteousness which are infused into your spirit when you are born of My Spirit.  Old motivations pass away and new motivations are evident.  My Spirit chases out the negative ones if you are willing. There are sometimes a few deceitful ones which are hidden from you that surface occasionally and must also be eradicated from your body, which is the temple of My Holy Spirit.(I Corinthians 6:15-20)   Any thoughts, attitudes, words spoken or actions you have taken that are not loving, peaceful, joyful, kind, good, merciful, patient and forbearing need to be resisted, cast out, and you must allow My Holy Spirit to reprogram your mind with My DNA, which is always loving kindness.  (Romans 12:2)
   The benefits are many to My children who allow Me to transform their minds so that they always do My will in every situation instead doing of the former actions and reactions that the DNA of the devil programmed in their flesh. (Romans 12:2)  When My children respond to every circumstance and situation in life with My love for the people involved, then My light in them draws the people to Me.  Love always wins.  Love always heals.  Love always forgives.  Love is always peaceful and brings peace to every situation.  Love overcomes all negativity.  Love overcomes all anger.  Love overcomes all addictions.  Love overcomes all vengeance.  Love overcomes all abuse.  Love overcomes all selfishness.  Love overcomes all the works of the devil which plague My children from their DNA generational curses.
   If you will ask My Holy Spirit to reveal to you the works of the devil's DNA that are still in your flesh, He will do it.  He will shine His light in the crevasses of your personal DNA and reveal to you the hidden generational curses that have kept you from inheriting My promises.  The demons who bring those curses into your life need to be sent to hell where they belong.
   When those DNA generational curses are eliminated from you, then My kingdom benefits flood into your life. (Luke 11:20)  My kingdom of righteousness becomes your motivation and all things become new.  Salvation from the works of the devil come to those children of Mine who seek My righteousness instead of seeking the works of the devil who tempt the flesh of My children to do his will in the earth through generational curses.
   Doing My will in the earth has marvelous benefits.  (Matthew 6:10)
   Your Father of All Salvation

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