Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dear One,
When you truly believe for something, then it will become true. Your belief makes things true.
If someone believes he is ill, then he will become ill.
If someone believes he is healed, then he will be healed.
If someone believes he is wise, then he will manifest wisdom.
If someone believes he is cursed, then he will be cursed.
What a person believes in his hearts, so is he.
Your beliefs rule your life.
Negative beliefs are native to man's fallen mind because of satan's programming.
However, the power to reverse the fallen, negative mindset was given by Jesus. When He rose from the dead and sent My Holy Spirit into the world to live in men, then all men who receive him are given the power to redeem their lives and their earth from the curses.
You don't have to believe for curses.
You don't have to believe for sickness.
You don't have to believe for lack in any area.
You don't have to believe for ignorance in your mind.
You can believe for health.
You can believe for wisdom.
You can believe for prosperity.
You can believe for completeness and wholeness.
Health and prosperity and brilliance are yours and they will become yours.
Believe for your inheritance.
Believe for your total health.
Believe for wisdom.
Believe for prosperity in every area of your life.
Those things will be manifested in your life when you believe that they are truly yours. When you believe, then they become true and established.
Love, God
Matthew 8:13; Matthew 9:28;-30; Matthew 21:22; Mark 9: 23; Mark 11:23 & 24; Romans 4;17

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