Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dear One,

Your motivation to please Me is wonderful and it thrills Me.
Can you accept the fact that, because I love you, My motivation is to please you?
Does that sound feasible to you? It may be opposed to all you have heard from people, especially religious ones. But, yes, it's true that I love to please you.
People who oppose the truth that I want to please all of My children don't know the loving Father/child relationship that we have. All good fathers want to please their children. They want to provide the very best of everything for them.
I am your Love Daddy and it is My good pleasure to provide the very best for all of My children. The truth is that I have already given it to you and I'm eager for you to access all of your inheritance.
Every time you appropriate any part of my provisions, I am thrilled, because you have found part of the treasure I gave you, whether it is peace, love, health, prosperity, loving relationships or joy and on and on. That thrills Me and there is rejoicing in heaven when you receive My gifts.

Love, God
Luke 12:32; Ephesians 1:9-12; Philippians 2:13; Matthew 12:35

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