Friday, March 12, 2010


Dear One,
Don't let any action or reaction or sarcastic comment or railing or judging or criticizing words from others keep you from inheriting My promises. That's why they are sent by the devil, to get you into conflict and strife so that all of the good seeds you have planted will not come up with 100 fold return.
I warned you that the devil comes to rob, kill and destroy. You see him do it every day through others, even through the people you love. He will taunt you and test you, hoping that you will fall for his tricks and you will begin to cooperate with him. Then he can begin to rob you of your inheritance that I have provided for My children.
Laugh at the sarcastic comments, the railing, the judging, the criticism from others. You are laughing at the devil when you do. Continue to keep your spiritual eyes and ears open to discern the spirits working through your family and others to defeat you. It started with Adam's family and it has continued on through the ages.
Refuse to respond to the devil's comments through the mouths of people. After all, your citizenship is not in the earth anyway. It's in heaven with Me. In heaven you are royalty. Royalty has the power to forgive offenses. Act like royalty in the earth by forgiving and forgetting. That's the way My children act, forgiving and forgetting, just like I do. Then My blessing will overtake you.
Love, God
Luke 6:37 & 38; Luke 7:47 & 48; Romans 4:7; Ephesians 4:32

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