Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dear One,
"Poor me," thoughts never gets anyone anywhere expect deeper into the pit of self pity.
"Poor you," thoughts and conversation never gets anyone anywhere expect deeper into the pit of self pity.
Sympathy can cripple if it is not accompanied by hope and faith for the future. Empathy is what is most often required because it offers faith and hope.
Empathy gives hope for new paths and new beginnings. Sympathy only resurrects a loss.
Empathy projects hope for a brighter day. Sympathy only amplifies the feelings of loss, thus binding the person to the past.
You can either resurrect life in yourself and another person or you can resurrect death and loss in yourself and another person.
Research what Jesus said to his friends. He told them that He was going to leave them, but when He left them that He would send the Holy Spirit who would do more for them than He did. That gave them hope and faith which overcame their sympathy at His leaving. In fact, it was such an example of hope and faith that the friends went to the appointed place and waited for the Holy Spirit who came into them and certainly led, tutored, comforted,taught and empowered them. The faith and hope that accompanied the empathy of Jesus was fulfilled in mighty ways.
Offer sympathy during a loss, but then offer empathy in the form of hope and faith for the future.
"Poor Me," and "Poor you," never accomplishes anything. It binds you to the past and offers no hope for a brighter future.
Love, God
John 7:37-39;John 14:1; John 14:12-21; John 14:25-28; Acts 2:1-
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