Sunday, July 4, 2010


Dear One,
Don't ever forget the spiritual dimension, the heavenly realm where your citizenship resides, the original and current country of your spirit.
When events happen in the earth that are alarming, uncomfortable, fearful or discouraging to you, instantly remember that you are a citizen of a more powerful nation, the Kingdom of God, which will never be shaken, never be disturbed, never be altered in its power and ability to change events in the earth.
The spiritual nation of your true citizenship is permanent, immovable and so powerful that nothing in the earth can withstand its power.
Everything in the earth is temporary because everything is constantly subject to change from the heavenly dimension when My Words are spoken and applied with force to a situation.
I said I would shake that which can be shaken. I was talking about those things which are imperfect and destructive, the earthly situations which were instigated by your enemy, the devil.
I also said that those things that cannot be shaken will remain, which are My Words, My plans, My blessings, My inheritance for you, My wisdom, My power and influence in the earth.
My Words will begin with changing you first, and then all situations connected to you will be changed to perfection.
I am as interested and eager as you are for you to enjoy success in every area of your life. I have a vested interest because you are My child, a member of My family, and I am obligated because of My love for you to guarantee your success in every area. When you're happy, I'm happy also.
Allow My Words to change things in your dimension, the earth. After all, it was created with My Words and it can be restored with My words.
Love, God
Romans 8:21-32

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