Saturday, July 3, 2010


Dear One,
Since there is no time in My dimension, there is no aging. There is only the state of youthfulness.
The state of being youthful is the state of being eternally hopeful, eternally healthy, eternally blessed, eternally forgiving, eternally joyful, eternally productive, eternally loving, eternally giving, eternally merciful, eternally gracious,; in other words, eternally like Me, the true Fountain of Youth.
Men have searched and searched and invented and invented, but they still have not found the Fountain of Youth, nor have they been able to invent it. All the time I have been available to them to make them ageless in your world and in the next world, My heaven.
Worry robs you, fretting robs you, anger and strife rob you, opposition robs you. There are many things that rob you of agelessness. Find what the robbers
are of your eternal youth, cast them away, and then submit to Me and I will supply the Fountain of Youth, the Rivers of Living Waters. I'm speaking of My Holy Spirit.
Love God
John 7:38; John 10:10

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