Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dear One,
Be mindful to watch for every opportunity to show My love to others.
Remember that I need bodies, which are My earthly vessels which are the bodies of Christ, through which to manifest My Love.
I can't manifest My gifts without bodies and I can't manifest My Love without bodies. I need bodies through which to release My rivers of living waters, through which to speak words of wisdom, through which to speak words of prophesy, through which to cast our demons, and hands thorough to heal through the laying on of hands.
I can only do My work in the earth through My children, My earthly bodies, just like I did My work through Jesus by the power of My Spirit.
I need your cooperation with the Holy Spirit so that I can release My Love and power through you.
The world needs My Love and the world need My power. You are the earthly instruments through which I can deliver My Love and gifts to the people in world. They can't receive them unless someone is willing to deliver them. All you have to do is be willing.
My rivers of living waters must not be damned up by indifference. Allow Me to flow through you and inhabit the earth. Allow Me to bring My kingdom and My will to earth as it is in heaven. The Holy Spirit is My power and He needs bodies through which to work.
Love, God
Mark 3:14&15; John 7:38; I Corinthians 6:19 & 20; I Corinthians 12:7-9.

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