Saturday, May 23, 2015


Dear One,
    Black spot is a disease of plants which causes large black spots to appear on the leaves of plants and often on ornamental trees.  It is a disease and so it causes a dis-ease effect upon the plants.  It causes rose bushes to lose their leaves, appearing only as stalks with blooms that are deformed at times.  The beauty of the plants or trees is affected and often the plants or trees have to be destroyed in order to get rid of the disease.  There are effective sprays that can be used if the problem is caught early enough.
   My Holy Spirit wrote through James that one of the signs of purity in a religious person is to keep himself or herself unspotted from the world.  Evil actions are rampant in the world because of the temptations of the devil which court you like a an evil suitor, eager to get you involved in thoughts, attitudes and actions which will curse your life.  I sent My Son Jesus and My Holy Spirit into the world to save My children from the dastardly works of evil which will destroy your lives and the lives of your family members. When My Spirit inhabits the lives of My children, He is the power that raised Jesus from the dead and He gives My children the power to resist the temptations of the devil and his spiritual cohorts.(James 1:23-27)
    When My children do yield to evil promptings, their entire lives will eventually become spotted with curses in their spirits, their emotions, their minds and their bodies.  They will bear the marks of the black spots in their health, their relationships, their finances and their emotions. Those curses often continue into the third and fourth generations. 
    Rejoice, because I have provided a Holy Spray who will eradicate the effects of the disease.  He is My Holy Spirit who will defeat the works of the devil just like He did through Jesus who came to earth to destroy the works of the evil one. (I John 3:8)  If My children refuse My powerful help, then the evil that they embrace will cut them off from Me and their further association with the devil will cause more devastation in their lives. (Isaiah 59:1-2) They will only be eligible for the consequences sent from the fires of hell because they become the diseases themselves and infect others.  I do not cut anyone off from My love.  The evil spirits themselves cut My children off from their rightful inheritance that they have as My love children.
    There are many diseases which affect trees, plants and bushes.  They were not in existence in the earth when I created it because everything was good.  Only when the first man allowed evil to enter the earth did things become cursed.  Since that time, I have used every means to alert My children how to avoid those curses and how to stay in fellowship with Me in order for My Spirit to alert you to the wiles of the evil one who tempts you to do his works instead of your being led by My Spirit and receiving all of My gifts to you which I created in your name at the foundation of the world. (Galatians 5:16-25)
    I also said that the purity of having a relationship with Me will cause you to help the widows and orphans and to keep yourself unspotted from the world which is overrun with evil temptations from the devil.  My Spirit gives you the power to resist them.  My Spirit gives you the power to keep yourself unspotted from evil.  My Spirit gives you the power to help women and children who have no other providers.  That's what I do.  That's what you must do in the world.
    Your Father of Health and Prosperity  

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