Thursday, May 7, 2015


Dear One,
    My greatest pleasure is to give you My entire, complete kingdom, all the benefits of your being My child.  Yes, I take immense pleasure in showing you My love for you.  (Luke 12:32)
    I take immense pleasure in forgiving you of everything you did while obeying the temptations of the alien spirit satan.  (I John 2:2)
    I take great pleasure in being merciful to you, pardoning every offense against Me. (Isaiah 55:7)
    I take great pleasure in pouring My goodness and kindness upon you, letting you experience My benefits while you are in the earth just as you will when you are in heaven with me.(Psalm 23:7)
    I take great pleasure in being gracious to you, spoiling you as if you were My only child because My riches are endless.  (Isaiah 30:19)
    I took great pleasure in coming to earth as My Son, dying for your trespasses and going to hell for you so that you do not have to suffer that punishment of satan.  (John 5:8)
    I take great pleasure in personally coaching you, training you, teaching you and guiding you in My ways through My Holy Spirit so that you will avoid the evil that is in the world and walk the straight path to My storehouse of blessings so that you will be fortunate in every area of your life. (John 16:13-14) 
    I take great pleasure in answering your prayers and relieving you of your many earthly burdens, healing you, restoring you to wholeness, peace of mind and the rest that I promised to you. (Matthew 7:7-12)
    I derive great pleasure in calling you My child, one of many who call Me their Father. My favor toward you and all of My children never stops.  It is forever. (Genesis 1:27-28)
    I created the earth for you and My other children and I find great pleasure in seeing you care for what I have given to you. (Genesis 1:29-30)
    I take enormous pleasure when you seek Me for the answer to every problem.  I am the Problem Solver.  I will give the solutions to anyone who asks.  The solutions are called My wisdom.  I said that wisdom cries aloud in the street, eager for My children to come to  Me and hear My words. My wisdom is not kept from you.  It is often blocked from your mind by your enemy but when you determine to seek Me, you will find it.  I promised you that. (James 1:5-9)
     Your Loving Father

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