Monday, May 4, 2015


Dear One,
   Come everyone who is thirsty, come to My waters of life. 
   In your earth people buy expensive waters which are infused with vitamins and minerals.  Those waters claim to bring perfect health to the ones who drinks them.  The claim is that because of having perfect health that maybe the person who drinks of them will also have peace and prosperity in his or her life.  It never happens.  That is the same thing as the woman at the well whom Jesus taught about My living waters. (John 4:10-14)  My living waters never end, they are endless.  They have the power to infuse into a person all of My goodness, all of My kindness, all of My love, all of My peace and all of My healing, all the spiritual blessings that make a person prosperous spirit, soul and body.
    The first thing that My living waters do in My children is to clean My dwelling vessels in the earth, which are the bodies of humans.  I clean all negative thoughts, attitudes and the motivation to do evil works to other people.  I work miracles within My new vessels and give them new motivations, ones which will make them prosperous in all areas of their lives.  I change them from being bodies of destruction to bodies of restoration and reconciliation to everyone.  With the cooperation of My children I cleanse the vessels until they are reflections of My image. (i Corinthians 6:19; II Corinthians 3:14-18)
     My primary accomplishment, in conjunction with the cooperation of the new human creation, is to bridle their tongues since all destruction and condemnation comes from the words of My children. (Matthew 12:37)  I change their words from curses to blessings by changing their hearts from oppositional and confrontational to peaceful and loving.  (James 1:26) If they will hear My words, I will change the words from their mouths from negative to positive, and they will create a world of beauty for themselves by their words.  Instead of receiving curses, they will receive blessings and instead of destruction they will receive spiritual, mental and physical prosperity in every area of their lives.  My words become their words and My kingdom becomes their kingdom on earth just as it is in My heaven.  Heaven and earth blend together to create a new world for them, a heaven instead of a hell.  (Matthew 6:10)
    Jesus laid the groundwork and made all of it possible.  He even identified the source of My living waters.  He said the source is My Holy Spirit.  (John 6:63; John 7:38-39)  My Holy Spirit is the source of My living waters which brings life to all people.  Jesus said He only spoke what I told Him to speak and He only did what He saw Me do. 
    Oh, when My children truly follow Jesus, as they claim to do, they will have heaven on earth because they only speak what My Spirit cues them to speak and they only do what My Spirit shows them to do. It is called being led by My Spirit.  (Romans 8:14-15) When their speech is made clean, unadulterated and pure by My Spirit, then their lives are free from the works of destruction.  They bless everyone, even their enemies, and they nourish everyone with words of love and peace.  Because they have sown love and peace, they will walk in love and peace.
     My words of living waters flow from My heart and transform the lives of everyone who drinks from them.
     Come to Me and drink from the life giving waters.
     Your Loving Father

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