Sunday, May 17, 2015


Dear One
    Thoughts are precursors to having either a blessed life or a cursed life.  They either summon evil forces into action or they summon My good forces into action because of the choice between good or evil which is constantly playing out in the minds of My children in the earth.  When My children choose to dwell on strife-filled, destructive thoughts, they hatch the devil's plans to destroy and their mouths will respond with toxic words or actions, having been set on fire by hell. (James 4:5-6)  If My children will dwell on My loving, forgiving thoughts, they will hatch My plans to bring life and goodness into their world and their mouths will respond with constructive, loving words which build up and edify every area of their lives. (Philippians 4:6-8)
     Every action in the earth begins with thoughts.  The good news is that the words in My Instruction Book and My personal words to you in your thoughts by My Holy Spirit will discern every thought and intent of your heart, whether you need to entertain them or not. (Hebrews 4:10-13)  Forgiving, loving, gracious, merciful, kind and good thoughts will always produce constructive, peaceful, merciful and loving words and actions which will invite into your life every blessing of My family. (Deuteronomy 28:1-14)
     You are blinded by the devil to believe that your thoughts are your own private domain and no one knows them so you don't need to monitor them.  The truth is that your thoughts are where forces of heaven work to perfect your life but your thoughts are also where forces of hell work to curse your life.  Your thoughts are the battleground of your life. Jealous, envious, strife-filled, angry, oppositional and confrontational thoughts will produce destructive words and actions by you and you will live with the fruit of those acts.     
    The only battle to which My children are called is the battleground of the mind where good and evil compete for your obedience.  I teach you how to battle the evil temptations in the mind and I teach you how to minister love and forgiveness to the people who are used by the devil to engage you in battles which will eventually curse you. I told you to never return evil for evil, but to always return good for evil.  Do the same thing in your minds.  When there appears a thought whose actions will produce strife in you or strife in someone's spirit, mind or body, My Spirit will identify those thoughts and will highlight them as being from hell, then he will encourage you to do what I taught you to do, which is to return good for evil every time.  (Matthew 12: 34-37) When you do, you bring My peace and joy into the situation and you will be blessed by Me and My angels because we always enter a situation when evil is defeated and good works are done.  (Matthew 4:11)
     Thoughts produce attitudes; attitudes produce words and actions which will either bless you or curse you.  My Spirit within you will alert you to only think My thoughts which produce fruitful attitudes which produce kind words and actions. When you yield your will to My Holy Spirit you will live the life that I promised, which produces abundance in all good things.  (II Peter 1:3-11)
     Thoughts are important.  They are prayers to either My heaven or the devil's hell.  Monitor them and only allow My thoughts of love to prevail.  My Spirit is the judge of thoughts. Listen to Him.
     Your Thoughtful, Loving Father 

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